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Accent Walls: Adding a Touch of Character to Your Business

If you are someone who loves color and wants to incorporate that into their work space, then an accent wall is the perfect route for you. Accent walls add a touch of creativity and personality to any work space. To keep the space looking professional and clean, you should carefully choose your color scheme.

Accent Wall for Office or Business

Adding Just the Right Amount of Color

Accent walls will allow some color on your walls without overwhelming the space. In the right setting, you can choose to paint one wall bright orange, while the rest get painted light brown, and everything will look balanced. You will have that touch of personality while still keeping things looking sophisticated.

The Most Important Part: Choosing the Right Color

One thing that you should carefully consider when painting accent walls is the color that you will put on the other walls. Pick out something neutral that goes with the accent wall, and you will create a great look. If you’re only painting an accent wall and not the rest of the walls, make sure to choose a color that matches the rest of the space as well as your brand.

  • Reds and oranges can create an energetic environment, but use sparingly.
  • Yellow can create a sense of happiness and cheerfulness for your employees who might not always be in the best moods.
  • Blues and greens, which are typically colors associated with nature, can have a calming and nurturing effect, especially for those hectic work environments.

Impressing Your Guests

Everyone who enters your work space will feel a sense of comfort when seeing the accent wall; it will let your visitors know that you take care of your work place creating trust and loyalty. You will also get to show a bit of your, or your brands personality, making a productive work environment.

Once you have decided on your color choices and are ready to get started, contact us.

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