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Does Your Place of Business Need A New Coat of Paint?

If you have been running a business for a few years, you may be looking to spruce up the appearance to keep the building looking clean and professional. After all, keeping your building presentable helps convince people that your institution is trustworthy. A high-impact way to convey this is a fresh coat of paint for both the interior and exterior surfaces.

orange paint

    • Not only does a new coat of paint look good, but the look lasts a while. The most obvious sign that you need a new paint job is when the existing paint starts peeling and cracking. It's better to paint before this happens. How often that is necessary will depend on many factors.


    • One of the biggest factors will be the material you are having painted. Some materials absorb and hold paint better than others. Wood siding and trim should be painted every 3 to 7 years. If you are staining the wood, as opposed to painting, you should reapply stain every 4 years. Stucco does better with paint and should be painted every 5 to 6 years. Cement fiberboards do even better and most likely won't need to be repainted for 10 or so years.


    • The color and quality of the last paint job will contribute to how soon you will have to repaint. Lighter colors tend to last longer than darker colors, which can bubble in hot environments. More importantly, if your predecessor had a sloppy job done, you will wind up paying for it. Bad paint jobs peel faster than good jobs.


    • The final factor for how long your paint job will last will be the environment. Your building exterior will be exposed to the humid climate and long, hot Midwest summers. This will threaten your paint, and make it necessary to replace it sooner. The interior may benefit from a controlled atmosphere, but it will fade over time regardless.

When you take all these elements into account, you can create a schedule for painting your commercial establishment, keeping your business looking professional and trustworthy. When you have decided on your painting needs, contact us. We'll make sure your place looks its best.