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3 Risks and Precautions Associated With Painting

Special Considerations for Preparing Your Business for Interior Painting

Depending on how much painting you’re planning to do, it can be a big job. When you consider the return on your investment, however, the results are worth the time and effort. A new paint job offers a great first impression to potential tenants and customers, as well as improving the overall value of the building. If you’re taking on the job yourself, there are a few risks you should know about, and precautions you should take.

Ladder Danger

If you are painting any areas that reach above your own height, you’ll most likely be using a ladder. While this can be great for getting those hard-to-reach areas, the ladder does pose a risk to anyone working on or near the project. When setting up the ladder, take some extra time to ensure it is on solid ground. The surface should be level, and if there are wheels on the bottom of the ladder, you should be sure to lock them.

Another precaution regarding the ladder is to be careful going up and down. Have someone hand your materials up to you after you have made your way to the top. Hand those materials down to someone before you start your descent.

Dripping Paint

You’re bound to drip the paint at least a little bit, and it only takes a small drop to make someone slip and fall. If you have a slick drop cloth and paint gets on it, it turns into a risky situation for anyone walking around the area. If paint drips on one step of the ladder, it could cause someone to slip on their way up or down. If you notice the paint is dripping, take a minute to get it wiped up.

Tripping Hazards

When you lay down your drop cloth, be sure there isn’t anything underneath that could trip someone. You should also be sure the cloth is smoothed out and weighted down around the edges so you don’t trip on the actual cloth. To reduce the risk of tripping, keep the area tidy and free of extra materials you don’t need.

Contact the Professionals

If you’re planning to have your commercial property painted, it might be your best bet to hire professionals. Contact Major Painting by calling 816-203-0466 or emailing us today to get started.

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