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Why it’s Critical that Your Painting Contractor Has Carpenters on Staff

Apart from aesthetics, there are several other aspects of painting that any home or commercial building owner wants to achieve. The result should be not only be beautiful but also perfectly safe and long-lasting. While professional painters can successfully achieve an attractive interior or exterior, ensuring your painting contractor has carpenters on staff to ensure a safe and durable structure is essential. Discover why hiring both painting and carpentry contractors is critical to achieving the home or building of your dreams.

painting contractor with carpenters on staff

Drywall Repair and Replacement

In order for paint to adhere properly, it’s important to ensure the drywall beneath is in good condition. Painting contractors with carpenters on staff will expertly repair or replace any damaged drywall to achieve a smooth, uniform, and long-lasting paint finish.

Wood Rot Repair

The results of painting over rotten wood are always less than ideal. It may seem like a small issue, but wood rot, whether wet or dry, can ultimately destroy your home or building’s structural integrity and cost you more money in repairs down the road.

Wood rot will not only spread all over your home or building, but the moisture can also lead to cracks or peels in the paint, lowering the quality of your home or building’s exterior appearance and leaving the structure unprotected from further damage. Rotten wood also facilitates growth of mold and fungus. If not properly repaired in a timely manner, wood rot can lead to significant health and safety hazards.

When hiring painting contractors, it’s crucial to make sure carpenters are on staff to ensure any signs of wood rot on your home or building are dealt with properly. Carpenters will inspect your home or building for wood rot, make any necessary repairs, and ensure measures are taken to prevent future occurrences.

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Evidently, ensuring that your painting contractor has carpenters on staff is very important. It will save you time looking for credible carpenters when the painting has already begun. Reputable, professional carpenters will save you money by ensuring that your home or building is structurally sound, ready to paint, and will ensure your paint job lasts.

If you need painting that comes with carpentry services, look no further than Major Painting. Our team is filled with skilled painting and carpentry contractors to guarantee top quality results. To learn more about our residential or commercial painting and carpentry services, contact us today!

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