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The Importance of a Well-Designed Breakroom

While sometimes overlooked, breakrooms are an important and useful space in office buildings. The most successful companies recognize the importance of giving their employees a space where they can recharge for a few minutes and return to work reinvigorated. Read on to learn more about the importance of having a well-designed break room and current break room design trends.

newly redesigned and painted breakroom in office building

Advantages of a Well-Designed Breakroom

There are several advantages of having a well-designed break room. Short social interactions in a relaxing, comfortable space has been shown to boost crucial cognitive functions among employees, such as planning, reasoning, memory and decision making.

It also proves you care about your employees' well-being, improving work morale and loyalty drastically. Moreover, it promotes cohesion within your teams and among the teams of your departments, ultimately increasing productivity and communication.

Current Design Trends: The Psychology of Color

Research has proven that bland-colored offices make people feel gloomy, reducing productivity. Use your break room to break up the decor of your office, especially if it's neutral.

For a peaceful and tranquil environment, hues of blues and greens are an excellent choice. To motivate your employees, orange does the trick. Bright yellow evokes cheer and friendliness, while red stimulates and excites workers. Great ideas can be born in the break room if it is painted in a deep shade of red. To create depth and harmony, layer different shades of the same color, such as bright red, bold red and deep red.

Contact Major Painting for Your Breakroom Redesign

If you're looking to improve employee morale and boost cognitive function affordably, a well-designed break room is your answer. At Major Painting, our expert painting contractors are well-versed in the psychology of design to improve mood and encourage collaboration. For professional help choosing the right colors to achieve your goals, or to learn more about our office remodel services, contact us today!

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