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Importance of Water Sealing

Water sealing is a crucial step in keeping your business or home looking its best for many years after being painted. Rain can cause substantial damage to paint that has not been sealed, which can greatly shorten the amount of time before it will need to be repainted. We value the longevity of our work, so water sealing is a vital aspect of all our exterior painting projects.

front view of two-story house after rain

How Can Water Sealing Benefit Me?

Water sealing is important because it protects paint from rain, snow, and other moisture by providing a waterproof barrier that blocks moisture from reaching the paint. This helps to protect the paint from peeling, flaking, and other types of water damage, which keeps the paint looking its best for as long as possible. Properly sealed paint can also prevent water damage to the structure itself by minimizing the amount of water that reaches the wood or other material behind the paint.

Where Do I Need Water Sealing?

Certain areas of your building are more prone to water damage than others, so these areas need careful attention in sealing when rounding out your painting project. Basements and garages are notoriously damp and among the most common areas to experience significant water damage, so having proper water sealing done in these locations is a must. Interiors can also experience water damage, particularly kitchens and bathrooms.

How Can I Get Water Sealing Done?

While water sealing products are available at home improvement stores, the sealing process is best left to professionals to do the job thorough and safely. Sealing that is done incorrectly does little good. Improper sealing can cause inconsistency throughout the project, and it can be difficult to ensure that spots are not missed. This is likely to cause some sections of your home or business to become damaged more quickly than other sections, which would grow aesthetically displeasing. For this reason, consider contacting a professional painting company for your water sealing needs.

Contact us today to learn more about our water sealing services and for other tips for painting your home or business!

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