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Preparation Tips for Interior Painting

Interior painting can be a hassle, especially if you’re a concerned amateur painter. If you have a beautiful idea in mind for a room (or rooms) in your house but are worried you won’t achieve the outcome you envision, consider these few tips to help you paint like a professional.

professional painter spackling interior walls before painting

Prepare the Room and Walls

There's more to a painting project than just painting. The preparation you do before you begin painting is just as important to the outcome as the painting itself.

Before you begin, clear everything out the room and off the walls, including any furniture and items you don’t want paint on. After the walls are clear, look for any indentations and fill all holes and indentations with spackling solution. If you are dealing with deeper dents or holes, consider using an epoxy wood filler.

After the walls have been spackled, sand and vacuum to ensure a smooth surface. Be sure to dust and completely remove all debris from the painting surface. Apply masking tape with a credit card or putty knife to seal the edges and you’re ready to start painting!

Avoid Painting Trail Lines

To avoid seeing the messy lines and stripes of your painting trail, paint a full wall at once to make sure that you’re painting over wet paint when touching up. Paint trail lines appear when you apply wet paint over the edge of paint that's already dried. Put more paint on your roller as needed and be sure to go the full length of the wall, making sure to keep an even coating.

Choose the Right Paint Roller

The kind of roller you use matters and can determine how many coats you’ll need for full coverage. Consider the surface you’ll be painting and the type of paint you’ll be using to help you choose the best paint roller for your project.

Major Painting Company is here to help with any or all of your painting needs. Contact us today for more information on how we can help you achieve the look you desire!

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