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Q&A: Can I Paint My Stucco

Do you have a stucco home that has started fading, holding mold, or cracking? Well… it is most likely time to freshen up the exterior of home with a new coat of paint. This article will cover many important question a homeowner needs know in order to make the most informed decision possible when it comes to paint products as well as the application method to make your stucco look like new!

Q: How do I know when my stucco needs to be painted?
A: When it comes to assessing if your stucco needs to be painted, there are a handful of tell tale signs. First, if you see CRACKING, this usually means your house has settled over the last couple of years forcing the stucco to move more than it would like. Second, if you see stucco is CHAULKY or it needs to be repaired in areas. This usually means the stucco hasn’t been painted in many years. Lastly, the easiest sign is FADING.

Q: If my stucco is cracking, how should it be repaired?
A: Many times when the stucco has cracked, it can be repaired fairly easy. Cracks and minor repairs can be made with Elastomeric Caulk or Patches. You can find these products at the local paint store.

Q: Do I need a primer before I paint?
A: Primer is only needed when the substrate is exposed or you have made many repairs. It is best to consult with a Professional Painting Contractor in this situation.

Q: What type of paint should I use on the stucco?
A: In this day in age, most exterior paints are formulated to be applied to a variety of surfaces. If your stucco is old, cracking, and flaking, it may be best to use an elastomeric paint such as, Sherwin Williams Conflex XL High build. The elastomeric paint will be more flexible than most paints allowing it to move with the stucco and keeps things in place. If your stucco is in AVERAGE to GOOD condition a popular exterior coating such as, Sherwin Williams Duration or SuperPaint will accomplish the results you’re looking for.

Q: What are the pro of using an Acrylic Latex paint over an Elastomeric?
A: The acrylic latex paint will offer more sheens and hold your color longer than your average elastomeric coating.

Q: What is the best method of applying the coating?
A: Here at Major Painting, we only recommend the Spray and Back-Roll Method. This method is where one individual sprays the stucco with a liberal amount of coating while another individual hand rolls the surface, making sure every nook and cranny receives coating.

Q: What sheen should I use on my stucco?
A: Traditionally, stucco has always received a FLAT sheen, but over time this has changed. Recently, more and more homeowner and building owners have restored to a Satin sheen if the coating allows it. The satin sheen will give you a more wet look, but also will help the stucco weather less as well as hold its color longer!

It is always a good idea to consult with a Professional Painting Contractor before you make these decisions.

Major Painting, is a commercial painting contractor out of Lee’s Summit, Missouri that specializes in repaints, serving the Greater Kansas City Metro and beyond. For any interior or exterior painting inquiries, please contact us!

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