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Choose the Right Painter’s Tape for Your Project

With spring’s arrival, many people are ready to take on new painting projects with the fresh season. When shopping for your supplies, make sure that you also get the correct painter’s tape for the project. Painter’s tape is an important tool that most tend to overlook. It costs more than other types of tape, and many people will forgo it, buying masking tape to offset costs. Even though masking tape is cheaper and is used on many other projects, it does not work well on painting projects. Masking tape will make your project more difficult in the following ways:

  • Paint will stick to the surface of masking tape, which will lead to the paint peeling when you remove the tape.
  • If you are using an oil-based paint, masking tape will deteriorate quicker, causing paint to seep through.
  • Water-based paints will buckle, also resulting in paint seeping through.

If you are going to do any kind of DIY project, you will want to do it right. Painter’s tape is specifically designed for painting projects. It will not cause paint to seep through the surface nor peel when you remove it. Shopping for painter’s tape is like shopping for paint. You set out to find the right paint for your ceiling, wall, and surfaces, and you will need to find the right painter’s tape to use on your project. There are different kinds of painter’s tape available, so find the one that will work best for you.

man applying blue painter's tape to wall

Shurtape CP-60 60-Day Razor Edge Painter’s Tape

This tape is ultra-thin, so it will leave the cleanest lines on your surfaces. It has a low adhesive level, which makes it easier to remove without any damage when you are finished. This tape is primarily used when you are painting patterns like stripes or triangles, making it perfect if you happen to be painting a child's bedroom.

FrogTape Multi-Surface Painter’s Tape

As the name indicates, this is an overall good tape for many different surfaces. The tape works on surfaces like wood, metal, glass, and stone. FrogTape will form a micro-barrier seal along the edges, which will prevent paint from seeping through. If you have multiple painting projects this year, FrogTape is a versatile tape for many surfaces.

Shurtape CP-28 30-Day Purple Painter’s Tape

A delicate surface requires a delicate painter’s tape. This Purple Painter’s Tape is perfect for delicate surfaces like sheetrock, wallpaper, or ceiling tiles. If your paint requires extra time to dry, Purple Painter’s Tape can be removed safely after up to 30 days without damaging the surface that you painted.

Finding the right painter’s tape may seem daunting at first, but if you know what you are looking for, it will become the easiest part of your project. Painter’s tape will provide the right amount of absorbency without letting paint seep through and possibly ruining your project. If you have more questions about painter’s tape or need help with your next home painting project, feel free to contact us

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