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4 Common Painting Mistakes

When tackling a painting project, no matter how careful you are or how many precautions you take, occasional painting mistakes can occur. Fortunately, most common painting missteps can be easily corrected. Check out how to correct these four common painting mistakes to ensure a high-quality paint job!

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1. Paint Bubbles

After painting a wall in a room or area with high humidity, bubbles may appear. The unsightly bubbles often occur when temperature and moisture stop the topcoat from adhering to the undercoat or surface. To help prevent paint bubbles from occurring, minimize moisture from the room by adding exhaust fans or vents and ensure the temperature is at an appropriate setting. To fix already formed paint bubbles, scrape and sand the bubbles to remove them and apply a coat of primer before repainting the wall.

2. Drip Marks

Whenever paint is applied on surfaces unevenly, drip marks can occur. While still painting, you can remove the marks by simply wiping off the excess paint. If the drip marks appear after the paint dries, sand them down before wiping the surface with a damp cloth. In case the surface needs more paint, apply a coat of primer before repainting.

3. Tape Lines

Another common painting mistake made by many is removing painting tape too soon or too quickly. Often, this removes some of the partially dried paint, leaving blank areas or uneven lines. To fix this, sand down and apply a primer on the affected area before repainting the surface.

4. Paint on Windows

When painting around windows, some paint can accidentally spill onto the glass surfaces. If this happens, it's best to let the paint spills dry completely. Trying to clean the spilled paint while it's still wet will only spread it to a larger area. Scrape off dried paint from windows using a razor blade set at an angle.

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At Major Painting, we want to ensure your painting project goes as smoothly as possible. Whether you’re tackling a painting project on your own or looking to hire a professional, our team is here to help. For more tips on how to avoid common painting mistakes, or to learn more about our commercial or residential painting services, contact us today!

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