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Considerations for Power Washing Your Building

Power washing a building can remove dirt, grime, pollen, and other pollutants for a clean, aesthetically pleasing façade. This may be necessary for a cleaner look or before a new paint job. However, not all power washers or power washing jobs are the same. Even for the same structure, the tools and techniques required will vary depending on types of structural materials and on the cleaning level you need. If you are planning a project that includes power washing your residential home or commercial building, consider these key points to ensure efficiency, thoroughness, and most importantly, safety.

considerations for power washing your building

Damages to Property

The right power washer using the proper settings will result in a perfectly clean exterior. However, a misapplied power washer can damage walls, either directly by peeling paint and denting surfaces or indirectly by propelling debris toward windows and other delicate material.

Special Tools and Materials

Power washing involves specialized, high-quality, industrial-grade tools and cleaning chemicals. To get the job done right the first time, consider a power washing option that allows adding cleansers into the mix to better and more thoroughly clean building walls.

Danger to People

An unskilled operator is a danger to themselves and to others. The highly pressurized stream from a power washer can cause serious injuries. If a user does not understand how to use the tools and uses them improperly, further damage can be inflicted. Problems can even escalate if an operator loses control of the machine and damages the equipment.

A Professional’s Specialty

Power washing should always be done by a skilled expert. This ensures you get the best possible job done quickly, properly to avoid repair costs, and at the right price. It will also secure the safety of your building and inhabitants.

We will coordinate with you to create a project plan that works for your building needs and your budget. For a power washing and painting job you can trust, whether it’s for your home or commercial building, contact us today.

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