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Building Repainting Affected by the Elements

If you own a commercial building, then you are aware that maintaining your property is important to attract and retain tenants. The first thing a potential tenant sees when they visit your facilities is the exterior appearance of the building. A properly maintained and well-painted property makes an excellent first impression, on the other hand, if your building's paint is faded or chipping and the building is poorly maintained, a negative impression is certain to be had.

snowfall on buildings

Most people equate maintenance with landscaping or plumbing repair; however, many forget to consider repainting their commercial property in routine maintenance. It is recommended to repaint your building’s exterior every 7-12 years, based on many variable factors. One of the most variable factors that affects your commercial buildings exterior is the environmental factors; take these elements into consideration when deciding on repainting your property.

Weather damage

Your local weather can play a big part in your repainting timeline. For example, the Great Plains are known for its harsh summers and winters. Extreme cold can cause paint to start cracking, and direct sun exposure can cause paint to fade over time. Also consider extreme weather phenomena, such as tornadoes, hurricanes, ice storms, and more. Heavy winds carry a lot of dust and dirt, and a barrage against your building may shorten the life of your property’s paint. It is best to do a quick assessment of your building immediately following a bad storm or weather event. The damage may be minor, but those little cracks and chips may evolve into larger problems. We recommend inspecting your building’s exterior elevations every Spring and late Fall.

Air pollution

Air pollution is another factor to consider when deciding on repainting your building. Location can play a large part in the breakdown of your exterior paint. For example, if your building in located in an industrial area, you may be more prone to air pollution or contaminates in the air and can break down the paint on your exterior elevations. Manufacturing and distribution companies tend to produce high levels of smog. Buildings in these environments may require more frequent repainting or smog-resistant paint.

Repainting your property is the key to not only attracting possible tenants or new business, but maybe more importantly your most valuable asset, your commercial building! Repainting your building is necessary maintenance that doesn’t have to be done constantly, but consistently! If you are considering repainting your building, contact us today for an estimate or free consultation to find a maintenance solution that is affordable!

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