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How Interior Wall Colors Affect Work Productivity

The right paint can not only improve your mood, but it can also affect your productivity. If you’re planning to paint or repaint the interior of your workplace, it’s important you choose the right color. Here are some interior paint choices that you should consider.

interior wall colors

    • Green: Green is a good choice if you are striving for balance, as it is the color that most people find to be calming and reassuring. It is also an excellent color choice for a supervisor’s office, as those who like green are normally thought of as being caring and approachable.
    • Red: Red is a physically stimulating color and might therefore be ideal for a warehouse. It is also known to stimulate the appetite, which is why it is often used in restaurants.
    • Yellow: Yellow is known to spark creativity, which is why you may want to use it if you regularly design or create things in your line of work. Yellow may be ideal for an advertising agency, artist, or website designer.
    • Blue: People who are surrounded by various shades of blue are better able to concentrate, making it the perfect choice for anyone who must continuously remain focused. It is also thought to be a very calming color, which is why it is often chosen for doctor’s and dentist’s offices.
    • Pink: Pink is thought to invoke compassion; however, it is not normally used as a primary color because of it is associated with femininity which may be off-putting to men. Even so, pink could be an excellent choice for the waiting room in a salon or spa that primarily caters to women because it would give them the illusion that they are being pampered.

The right color choice for your office can be based on a number of things, including your company’s mission and even your own personality. If you’d like more help with finding the right color of paint for your workplace, please contact us.