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Commercial Painters and Carpentry Contractors in Lee’s Summit, MO

At Major Painting, we are proud to offer a wide variety of commercial and residential painting and carpentry services to our customers throughout Lee’s Summit, MO. At our painting company, located in Lee’s Summit, MO, we truly care about our customers and their painting and carpentry needs. Whether you need commercial or residential services, our commercial painters and carpentry contractors are excited to help you. If you are looking for skilled carpentry contractors and commercial painters near Lee’s Summit, MO, look no further than our experienced painting company!

How Our Painting Company Serves Lee’s Summit, MO

At Major Painting, our carpentry contractors and commercial painters are proud to serve the peaceful, family-centered community of Lee’s Summit, MO. Valuing our integrity and community, our painting company strives to provide our customers throughout Lee’s Summit, MO with high-quality craftsmanship, reliability, and unmatched customer service in order to build lasting, meaningful relationships. By focusing on each of our client’s individual needs and never cutting corners, our professional painters in Lee’s Summit, MO promise to always deliver the absolute best.

Our Commercial Painting and Carpentry Services

Our painting company in Lee’s Summit, MO takes your residential and commercial painting needs to the next level. With over 30 years of experience, our carpentry contractors and commercial painters make sure to safely and accurately execute each project, using the highest quality painting materials to ensure that all painting projects turn out with that “wow factor.”

  • Commercial Exterior Painters in Lee’s Summit, MO

    Our commercial painters in Lee’s Summit, MO understand that your commercial building’s exterior paint is often the first impression and a direct representation of your business. With this in mind, our painting company always ensures a quality exterior paint job for commercial buildings in Lee’s Summit, MO. Specializing in commercial repaints for building owners, facility managers, and property managers, our exterior painters are here to help businesses throughout Lee’s Summit, MO continue to flourish. View our Commercial Exterior Painting page for more information about our commercial exterior painting services!

  • Commercial Interior Painters in Lee’s Summit, MO

    In order to maintain a clean, professional appearance and boost workplace morale, interior painting services are crucial. At Major Painting, our interior painters in Lee’s Summit, MO understand the need to of completing commercial interior painting services in a quick and efficient manner and will work with you to schedule interior painting services at a time that is best for you and your business. Check out our Commercial Interior Painting page to learn more about our commercial interior painting services!

  • Office Remodel

    If you are interested in remodeling your office space, commercial building, flex warehouse, or tenant space, our commercial carpentry contractors can help. Our office remodel services provide various capabilities that ensure a quality transformation of your commercial space in Lee’s Summit, MO. Through our office remodel services, we can create an office space or commercial building that promotes a functional, creative, and efficient workspace. To learn more about our office remodel services, explore our Office Remodel page!

  • Caulking

    Our commercial joint caulking in Lee’s Summit, MO, helps to fill areas and holes in order to make your commercial building airtight. Commercial joint caulking protects your commercial building from environmental damage.

    Besides joint caulking, our commercial painters in Lee’s Summit, MO also have vast experience in expansion joints. Commercial expansion joints need to be maintained otherwise your commercial building is at high risk for damaged substrates and water penetration. For more information about our commercial joint caulking services, check out our Caulking page!

  • Wood Rot Repair

    To keep both new and old buildings throughout Lee’s Summit, MO structurally sound, wood rot repair is crucial. With our wood rot repair services, our team of knowledgeable, honest carpentry contractors and painters in Lee’s Summit will inspect your building for indications of wood rot, make any needed repairs, and repaint your building to significantly lower the chances of future occurrences. To learn more about our commercial wood rot repair services, check out our Commercial Wood Rot Repair page.

  • Waterproofing

    With Lee’s Summit, MO’s muggy summers and snowy winters, waterproofing services are vital for preventing moisture damage and maintaining the structural integrity of commercial buildings throughout the area. With our comprehensive waterproofing services, our skilled commercial painters will work to ensure your commercial building stays dry and in excellent condition. Visit our Commercial Waterproofing page for a more in-depth overview of our commercial waterproofing services.

  • Wallpaper Removal

    If you own or manage one of the many historic buildings in Lee’s Summit, MO, wallpaper removal services may be worth considering. Old wallpaper could be hiding mold and mildew, which could lead to a variety of building issues. At Major Painting, our commercial interior painters and carpentry contractors will quickly remove your building’s old wallpaper, repair any hidden problems, and repaint your walls for a new, updated look. To learn more about our wallpaper removal services, check out our Commercial Wallpaper Removal page.

Our Residential Painting and Carpentry Services for Lee’s Summit, MO Residents

In addition to our commercial services, our painting company has had over 30 years of experience serving residents throughout Lee’s Summit, MO with residential painting and carpentry services. Our residential services include interior and exterior painting, kitchen cabinet painting, wood rot repair, and waterproofing. For further information regarding our residential painting and carpentry services, check out our Residential page.

Why Choose Our Painting Company

Our professional painters in Lee’s Summit, MO always provide the highest quality of painting, customer service, integrity, and reliability. We want to ensure our customers are happy, and the only way we see fit is by providing high-quality painting and carpentry services. With our extensive experience, we offer great depth of expertise in the painting field, consistent professionalism, and genuine care of our community.

If you are looking to utilize our professional and high-quality residential and commercial painting services in Lee’s Summit, MO, please don’t hesitate to contact our painting company today!

Serving Lee's Summit, MO

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What types of commercial buildings do you serve throughout Lee’s Summit, MO?

Great question! At Major Painting, our experienced interior and exterior painters have painted all types of commercial buildings throughout Lee’s Summit, MO, including offices, banks, grocery and retail stores, warehouses, and more! To learn more about the commercial building types our painting company serves, check out our Commercial Building Types page.

Do you only serve customers in Lee’s Summit, MO?

No! While our headquarters is located in Lee’s Summit, our painting company is proud to have served customers throughout the greater Kansas City area, including Independence, Overland Park, Lenexa, Olathe, and more!


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