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Independence Commercial Painting, Joint Caulking, and Office Remodel Services

Commercial Painting in Independence, MO

commercial painters for independence moAt Major Painting, we provide expert commercial painting to our customers located in Independence, MO. Our extensive painting experience enables us to perform each of our projects efficiently and effectively. If you are looking for professional painting contractors in Independence, MO, please contact us today or feel free to learn more about our commercial painting service below.

Commercial Painting

With over 30 years of experience, our commercial painting service continues to help commercial building owners in Independence, MO. Whether you need interior or exterior commercial painting, our painting contractors will get the job done quickly and professionally.

Interior and Exterior Commercial Painting

Interior painting services can make business owners hesitant because they do not want to slow down business operations. Here at Major Painting, we understand your concerns, which is why we schedule the interior painting service at a time that is best for you and your business, minimizing the impact on employees and your day-to-day operations.

As for exterior commercial painting, the exterior of your commercial building is a direct reflection of your business. That is why our professional painters take their time when painting the exterior of your commercial building. Our exterior painting services can refresh the look of your building and protect it at the same time. To learn more about our interior or exterior commercial painting service, please contact us today.

Commercial Joint Caulking in Independence, MO

Commercial joint caulking helps our commercial business owners to ensure their building is sealed from weather and potential water damage. Commercial joint caulking fills joints and holes so that the commercial building is truly airtight. Other benefits of commercial joint caulking include insulation, which both helps in reducing your electric bill and noise transfer. Wondering if your commercial building in Independence, MO, is due for commercial joint caulking services? Contact our commercial joint caulking contractors to schedule a building walkthrough.

Office Remodel Service in Independence, MO

If you have an office space, flex warehouse, tenant space, or commercial building in Independence, MO, that needs remodeling, let Major Painting be the one to help you! We provide an exceptional office remodel service at a reasonable price since the vast majority of our capabilities are completed by our in-house commercial carpenters. Through our office remodel service, we provide various capabilities which include demolition, wall erection, commercial painting, mechanical work, flooring, ceiling work, and more. Through each of our capabilities, we can create a usable and inviting office space or retail space for your customers. Feel free to check out our office remodel page to learn more about our office remodel service or contact our commercial carpentry contractors today for a free consultation.

Commercial Painting and Carpentry Contractors in Independence, MO

Our painting contractors in Independence, MO, take your commercial painting needs to the next level. With over 30 years of experience, our painting contractors make sure to efficiently and effectively execute each painting project.

Besides being hard-working and professional painters, our commercial painting contractors are also safety certified. These safety certifications ensure not only the painter’s safety but also all those who may enter the job site. If you need painting or office remodel services, our painting and carpentry contractors are experienced and have the proper certifications to get the job done safely and professionally. Please contact us today if your commercial building needs painting or office remodel services in Independence, MO.

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Looking for a company that offers professional commercial painting, joint caulking, and office remodel services? Contact Major Painting today to schedule an appointment with our expert painting and carpentry contractors!