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Corporate Aircraft Hangar


Project Summary

This 45,000 square foot airport hangar located at the New Century Airport in Gardner, KS is home to many planes used in testing and researching new aviation products. Due to the flat nature of airport this metal building takes direct sunlight on the East and South elevations for the majority of the day. As a result of years of direct sun exposure, as well as other elements, the prefinished metal siding has begun to break down. The telltale sign that the building needs a new coating is the chalkiness found on the elevations that repeatedly are broken down by UV rays.

Project Highlights

Location: New Century Airport in Gardner, KS
Building Type: Metal Building

Client Type: Corporate
Completion Date: July 2020

Project Photo Gallery

Project Scope

This project entailed pressure washing all areas of metal siding that were to be painted to ensure that the chalkiness is removed to the best of our ability and the substrate is clean and free of contaminates. The next step was to prime any areas of surface rust and prep the building and its surroundings for paint. After prepping the building, we applied one coat of Bondplex, a product that promotes great adhesion to prefinished metal siding, for a base coat. For the finish coat, the team applied one coat of a Pro Industrial Waterbased Alkyd Urethane, which is a premium quality enamel formulated with a modified urethane system to ensure a high performance. After all painting was completed, the vertical expansion joints and caulking around the windows on the front brick office pod were inspected. Areas that need to be replaced were removed, the edges of the joint were prepped accordingly, and new backing rod was installed and caulked using a one-component elastomeric polyurethane sealant.

This project was completed over a 3-week period by a 2-man crew and is set to last for years to come!

Color Scheme

The color scheme was developed from neutral colors and Sherwin Williams helped the client preview how the building would look by providing them with a digital rendering of the building.

Products Used

Sherwin Williams Bond-Plex Waterbased
Sherwin Williams Pro-Industrial Waterbased Alky Urethane
MasterSeal NP1


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