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Interior and Exterior Commercial Painting Services in Lee’s Summit, MO

painting a commercial buildingFor over 30 years, Major Painting has specialized in commercial repaints for building owners, property managers, and facility managers. Whether it is an update of a tenant’s space or a complete exterior repaint of a large facility, Major Painting's staff works diligently to ensure all our client’s needs are considered and the project is completed in a professional and timely manner. While there are many commercial painting contractors to choose from, our significant emphasis on employee safety programs, extensive product knowledge, and our superior customer service sets us apart from the other painting contractors and leads us to long-lasting relationships with our clients.

Interior Painting Services

At Major Painting, we strive to make sure your office building’s interior painting project is done both quickly and professionally. Our professional painters are ready to coordinate with your office and determine a schedule that works best for everyone involved in the office as well as your customer traffic. This leads to a low-stress painting project with minimized impact on the work environment.

In addition, our professional painters are well equipped to offer guidance on popular office colors and help you determine what colors might go together with your current office set up.

If you have any questions about interior office painting or need help determining which color palettes to use with your office feel free to contact the professional painters at Major Painting today.

Commercial Painter Safety Guidelines

Exterior Painting Services

At Major Painting, our exterior painting services come with the knowledge that our professional painters will do a quality job in safe conditions. Additionally, we strive to ensure that our painters can make your building exteriors look bold and beautiful while maximizing protection to your buildings exterior elevations.

With the above in mind, feel free to browse our past projects to view our work in retail store painting, warehouse painting, exterior building carpentry and more!

At Major Painting, we realize that the paint on your building is a reflection of your business. With that in mind, we strive to provide the highest quality painting materials to ensure that your painting project is nothing less than captivating. Our professional painters are well informed and can help you determine what will work best for your building and business. Contact us or give us a call at (816) 795-9049 to learn how we can help paint your building today.

Commercial Painting Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How often should you repaint an office or commercial building?

When it comes to repainting your commercial building or office space it depends on many variables. For the exterior of your commercial building, it would be valuable to you as an owner to paint your building every 8-12 years depending on how the paint weathers over time. The exterior of the building not only can attract customers, but it is necessary to protect your building from rust, wood rot, and natural weathering. When it comes to repainting the interior of your commercial space, it depends on the type of work being performed in the space, the volume of traffic, and the appearance you are going for. For example, if you own an office, you may paint every 4-5 years just to fix minor wear and tear to the walls as well as refreshing the space and keep it up to date.

Do you charge by the square foot?

When estimating a commercial repaint project, we do not charge by the square foot. The reasoning is that there are many variables such as damage to the substrate.

What is the best time of the year to do an office repaint?

The answer to “when is the best time of the year to repaint an office” solely depends on what makes it easiest and most convenient for the office staff. For example, if your office is a high traffic area such as downtown Kansas City, it is often best to have the work completed over Holidays or after hours to prevent interference to the work that is being completed. If the office is a calm and flexible work environment, experienced contractors are good at organizing a work schedule that can be performed during hours and is convenient for the client.

I have a large warehouse; can you paint the interior and exterior of that as well?

Our professional contractors are more than capable of painting the interiors and exteriors of warehouse across the Lee’s Summit and greater Kansas City area. Additionally, it is important to note that different products and application methods will be used to ensure proper adhesion between the paints and substrates. If you are interested in interior or exterior painting services, please feel free to contact us today!

Is there a way for you to paint while people are still working?

Painting while working requires contractors with great communication skills to coordinate between the office and painters. Fortunately, the professional painting contractors at Major Painting are more than capable to handle this. For example, when painting a commercial building that is occupied, the contractor is going to need to communicate to the customer on what the schedule is for painting and any requests he may need such as car moved, doors opened, etc.

Do you offer after-hours painting?

After-hours painting can be completed upon request. After-hours painting is popular amongst individuals that are needing their office, warehouse, or retail interiors needed and still need to be open during the day. Typically, with after-hours painting, you will see a slight price increase due to overtime rates.

Do you move and/or cover furniture?

Furniture is moved as needed and upon request. Plastic is used any time an object needs to be protected and is too heavy to move out of the way.

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