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Maintenance Painting: Scottsdale Center

Do you manage or own a commercial building with concrete block elevations? Is it starting to shows signs of old age such as peeling paint, loose joints, or just isn't exactly aesthetically appealing anymore? We can help you!

Problem: The Scottsdale Center, located in Independence, Missouri was in need of a protective coating to be applied to its backBefore Picture of Back Elevationelevation due to excessive paint failure leaving the CMU block exposed to the elements. In most areas, the paint had started to discolor or peal, while in the more crucial areas, the paint had trapped the water in between it and the cmu block. When water sits in between a coating and block, it can cause many issues from deterioration of the block and its joints to interior water and mold problems. 


Solution: Major Paintings plan of attack was to focus on cleaning and preparing the back elevation of the retail center for paint. Step 1 was preparation, the most important Powerwashing of Commercial Buildingphase of this project. The preparation included powerwashing the surface using a whirlybird tip, therefore removing most, if not all of the loose paint on the building. Once the powerwashing was complete, hand scraping was needed to remove the small amount of paint that wasn't removed by the powerwasher. Step 2 included priming of the block. Sherwin Williams Loxon Conditioner was used on this project due to the sub par condition of the substrate. Loxon Conditioner is an acrylic emulsion formula that penetrates deeply and seals interior and exterior vertical masonry and concrete surfaces. Step 3 of course is to apply our finish coat. Sherwin Williams Loxon Acrylic Finish Coat was used because of the twos strong compatibility and long-term adhesion. The finish coat was sprayed and back-rolled to ensure all surfaces were uniformly covered.

Conclusion: The project was a success and the building owner was very pleased. The combination of thorough preparation and the correct products used means this back elevation will not need to be repainted for quite some time. In total, 60 gallons of Sherwin Williams Conditioner and 60 gallons of Finish coat was used on the two back elevations of the 25,000 square foot buildings.

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