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How Repainting Your Commercial Business Can Improve Your Bottom Line

  A fresh coat of paint is a cost-effective way to maintain your building and increase customer traffic. From a newly purchased building to a long-standing storefront, here are a few reasons why repainting your commercial building can improve your brand and bottom line easily. Improve Curb AppealBright, clean, colors create a crisp, professional look. Whether you’re repainting the exterior or interior, you can create a strong first impression on your customers. A new coat of exterior paint, in particular, can be a refreshing way to advertise your location and welcome your customers. Create New EmotionsColors can create strong emotional responses. From cool, calming colors, to vibrant, exciting options, consider trying out a new color in your commercial building. This can have a positive impact on your employee productivity and your customer’s overall attitude.Consider swapping out a more promise
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Regular Maintenance and Practices to Extend the Life of Your Office Walls' Appearance

A clean and attractive office is something that clients and potential clients notice. Maintaining the fresh and clean appearance of the walls in your office helps boost how others view your overall professionalism.What Causes Damage to Your Walls?That fresh, clean appearance of newly painted walls undergoes some natural changes over time, but some changes and damage can shorten the life of their appearance. Some of the most common causes of damage include:Normal wear and tear in areas of higher activityRoof leakageUV damageImproperly sealed exteriorMoisture from humidity, spills, or splashesScuff marks in areas where items are moved or frequently carriedPeople touching or leaning against them.Exterior Maintenance and ProtectionStains and damage from the exterior of your building often take their toll on interior walls. There are several exterior maintenance tasks that can help protect interior walls from these...fresh and maintained white paint in office interior
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Why You Should Maintain Your Commercial Building's Paint

As an owner of a commercial property, keeping your building’s paint properly maintained is very important. Without proper maintenance, paint can start to peel away, leaving the wood bare and susceptible to rain, weather, and insect damage. This can cause the wood to rot and, in turn, endanger the structural integrity of your building. Your building will no longer be safe for you, your employees, or your customers, and that's extremely bad for business.The constant seasonal change of temperature and moisture build-up, especially in spring and summer, also creates a conducive recipe for mold. Mold and mildew will slowly eat away your wood and could cause stairways, beams, and building structure to collapse. Keeping the structural integrity of your commercial building is vital for your business.How Often Should Your Buildings' Paint Be Maintained?Your commercial building should...freshly painted commercial building
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Prep Work for Outdoor House Painting Projects - Getting it Right

Exterior house painting projects offer a unique set of challenges, which can differ in many aspects from the prep work normally required for an indoor painting project. Follow these handy cleaning and prep tips designed to make your outdoor painting project as seamless as possible.Cleaning Comes FirstPrior to beginning your exterior paint job, cleaning all the exterior surfaces you plan to paint is a must. Unlike interior rooms, exterior surfaces always pick up dirt or debris over time. Trying to cut corners by skipping the cleaning process before an exterior paint job can result in an uneven paint job and tainted painting tools.In some cases, a simple rinse with a hose or sprayer is enough to do the trick and remove any necessary grime. In other cases, the use of a power washer is needed painting the exterior of his house
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Questions You Should Always Ask Before Hiring a Commercial Painter

   Commercial painting is a big job that you want done right the first time. A good quality paint job can help your building stand out and make your company look better. Not all painting companies are the same though. There are certain questions you should always ask before you decide which company to hire. What Experience Do They Have?You wouldn’t hire an employee without looking at his or her resume, so don’t hire a painting company without finding out their background. Ask what kind of experience they have and how long they have been doing this. Don’t be afraid to ask for references and make a few calls. Check out some online reviews, and do a little research before you hire them. Are They Licensed and Insured?If the answer is no, you probably should not hire them. Licensed...Young Painter
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