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To Paint or Not to Paint: A Question of Weather

An exterior paint job comes with many considerations, one of which is the weather. Since the climate differs according to the region in which you reside, there is no one-size-fits-all answer to the question of when to paint. There are, however, basic factors that can and should be taken into consideration no matter the location of the job.TemperatureFor the process of applying paint, how hot or cold it should be can differ to some extent, based on the type of paint you are using. It is important to check the paint label for specifics but in the event those aren't available, a good rule of thumb is to paint while the temperature is between 40-90 degrees Fahrenheit (4-32 degrees Celsius). Be aware of potential fluctuations in temperature, which can affect the viscosity and drying time of...professional painter painting the exterior of a house
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How Do Carpentry and Painting Projects Go Hand in Hand?

While building and painting go hand in hand, the best results can often be provided by professionals in both areas. Instead of hiring one company to build/remodel and another to paint, it can be a good idea to select a company who can complete both aspects of the project in order to receive quality results that will last for years.Why Do Carpentry Projects Require Professional Paint Jobs?If you're planning an office remodel or any other commercial interior renovation project, you will need to consider both carpenters and professional painters in order to get the best possible outcome. While carpenters are skilled at building and renovating interiors, most often do not have as much experience applying various types of paint as professionals who specialize in painting. Completing a professional paint job involves more than just simply slapping...major painting employee painting newly constructed wall in office remodel
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The Importance of PPE and Respirators

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and respirators are important to use when working on any construction or painting project. If you're working with water-based paint in a properly ventilated area, it hardly seems worth the trouble to use a respirator. However, determining the air quality of a worksite without professional testing is difficult and you may be exposing yourself or others to contaminants without even realizing it. Respirators should always be worn by painters in environments with reduced air quality, especially if sanding or the use of solvent-based paints are involved.There are two types of PPE respirators: atmosphere-supplying for providing clean air and air-purifying which removes harmful chemicals from the air. The type of mask you will need depends on the nature of the job.What Do Respirators Protect?A tight-fitting "half-mask" that covers the nose, mouth, and face...painter wearing a respirator while sanding wall to prepare for painting project
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4 Key Steps for Preparing the Exterior of Your Home for Paint

A project for a fresh new coat of paint for your house is a challenging yet rewarding endeavor when properly executed. Although we all are excited to get into the paint and start applying it to the home, there are some essential steps that need to be completed prior to ever opening a paint can. In the industry, we call this the “prep phase,” which refers to the preparation that needs to be done to the exterior of the house to ensure the coating properly adheres to the substrate, so you get the most performance from your paint product as possible.1. Clean the HouseThe most common fear among homeowners when dealing with paint is paint failure. Paint failure is often caused by someone not applying the appropriate product to the right substrate or applying a product...exterior of house prepared for painting
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How to Handle Bad Painters

 To have a professional paint job completed is a big task. When you hire a contractor or company to handle the work, you want to be sure you’re getting the best. If you feel like you’re getting poor quality, here is how to handle it.Be MotivationalIf you’re dealing with a bad painting company, you may want to try the motivational route. Keep in mind that no matter the company, their reputation matters. When speaking to the company, let them know that you plan to post a detailed review on a variety of review sites. Keep it specific and let them know that you plan to write on the following:Angie’s ListYelpBetter Business BureauHome AdvisorGoogle PlacesIf they refuse to offer you the service that you deserve, you can let them politely know that you will be giving a...Professional Paint Co
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