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The Impact of Proper Drywall Repair on Paint

Painting a wall isn't as simple as slapping on a coat of paint and hoping for the best. Instead, it is important to take a close look at your drywall to make sure it is clean and in good repair before painting in order to get the best possible results. The condition of your drywall has a direct impact on the quality of your finished project. Importance of Proper Drywall Repair Ensuring that your drywall is in good repair before starting to paint is necessary for your paint job to look its best and function properly. Whether you're painting the interior of a residential or commercial building, your drywall won't always be ready to be painted as soon as it is installed. Taking the time to make small adjustments to your drywall, such as filling holes...professional painter repairing damaged drywall to prepare for painting
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4 Ways to Spruce Up Your Reception Area

An office remodel doesn't have to be an enormous project. Just upgrading your reception area can make a huge difference. When an office's reception area is warm and inviting, it makes customers, and your employees, feel welcomed and at ease. Check out these four ways you can spruce up your reception area. 1. Add A Touch of Nature One cost-effective way to create a more inviting office is to add one or two large plants to the reception area. Place one on each side of the room so customers can see them when they arrive. Not only do plants contribute to better and cleaner air quality, they also provide several benefits including stress reduction and improved productivity. 2. Change The Paint Color Another easy way to upgrade your reception area’s appearance is to paint the newly remodeled by professional commercial carpenters
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4 Reasons to Repaint Your Warehouse

A lot of warehouses are constructed with raw materials, and they tend to stay that way. If you have employees working in your warehouse on a regular basis, you want them to enjoy their workspace. Giving the warehouse a new coat of paint is just one way to improve the area you and your employees work in. The following are four reasons to give it a go. Motivation Did you know there are certain colors you can surround your warehouse with that will promote motivation and hard work? Red, for example, is a stimulating color. It raises your pulse as it gets your heart pumping. Yellow energizes and is the color of optimism and mental clarity. If your warehouse is a stressful environment, certain blues and greens are calming. Safety You can promote safety in the...warehouse project gallery
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How Frequently Your Home’s Exterior Should Be Repainted

When it comes to keeping the exterior of your home in good condition, keeping up with regular maintenance and repainting when necessary is essential. While the short answer is 8-10 years, how frequently it should be repainted really depends on numerous factors such as: the quality of the previous preparation and paint, where your home is located, what your home’s exterior is made of, and how well you maintain your home’s exterior. Where Do You Live? Believe it or not, where your home is located can affect how often your home needs to be painted. If you live in the open plains of the mid-western part of the U.S., you might receive more sunlight than your counterparts who live along the coasts or near the mountains. Direct sunlight can cause your paint to stain or fade...newly repainted house exterior
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Retail Center Color Transformation

Remodel and Cosmetic Update Project Summary This classic retail center located in Gardner, Kansas was starting to show wear and tear on its exterior from over a decade of the four seasons of weather Kansas usually sees. The client consulted with Major Painting in the Fall of 2019 to see what could be done. Major Painting helped the client first with appropriate product and application system followed by new color scheme. Project Highlights Address: 1817 E Santa Fe St., Gardner, KS 66030Building Type: 1-Story Retail CenterSubstrates: Brick, EIFS Client Type: Kansas City Commercial Real Estate CompanyCompletion Date: March 2020 Project Photo Gallery Project Scope The scope of the project consisted of removing all tenant signage followed by pressure washing the building in order to remove all loose paint and EIFS, dirt and contaminates to...
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