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Jeopardizing the Longevity of Your Commercial Paint Job

Covering a commercial location with paint can be a tricky business. With so many surface types, such as metal, wood, brick, paneling, or drywall, it can be hard to find a paint that does not peel or easily flake off. Without following important instructions, your commercial paint job might start to deteriorate long before you are able to get your investment out of it. Prepping the SurfaceOne of the foundational rules of commercial painting is a careful preparation of the surface. Whether the goal is an exterior or interior paint job, the entire surface needs to be thoroughly cleaned. This includes pressure washing exterior areas and removing and sanding chipped paint. If the surface has rust on it, an abrasive blaster can be used to remove the old paints and provide a smooth surface. Applying a PrimerIn order...Painting action
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Refresh Your Old Tile with a New Coat of Paint

Styles become outdated and materials wear out, but old tile doesn't need to keep dragging your space down. Use a coat of paint to quickly refresh aged tile design.Painting offers a practical way to reinvigorate older finishes. Removing tile can be time-consuming, messy, and frustrating. Instead, use a few coats of paint to liven the accents in your kitchen area with a new color, or sync up your bathroom borders after a new renovation, while only taking your room out of commission for a few hours.Proper Preparation is ImportantThough the process is straight-forward, you will still want to proceed with care. Be mindful of areas that are exposed to a lot water. Spots that receive frequent exposure to moisture, like a sink backsplash or shower, can cause the paint to peel and blister. Constant traffic, like...freshly painted tile in kitchen interior
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Preparation Tips for Interior Painting

Interior painting can be a hassle, especially if you’re a concerned amateur painter. If you have a beautiful idea in mind for a room (or rooms) in your house but are worried you won’t achieve the outcome you envision, consider these few tips to help you paint like a professional.Prepare the Room and WallsThere's more to a painting project than just painting. The preparation you do before you begin painting is just as important to the outcome as the painting itself.Before you begin, clear everything out the room and off the walls, including any furniture and items you don’t want paint on. After the walls are clear, look for any indentations and fill all holes and indentations with spackling solution. If you are dealing with deeper dents or holes, consider using an epoxy wood filler.After the walls have...professional painter spackling interior walls before painting
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Exterior Painting in the Midwest

The extreme temperatures and windy weather the Midwest is known for can easily weaken a paint job. Summer heat, winter ice, and rainy thunderstorms can wreak havoc on a beautiful exterior. Fortunately, there are ways to be proactive and prevent your home from sustaining damage caused by seasonal changes and unpredictable weather events.How Does Weather Affect Painted Exteriors?Living in the tornado alley can affect your home's exterior paint in several ways. High winds can push rain against outer walls and cause debris to collect in gutters, causing outflow to trickle down the siding. The rapid changes between warm and cool temperatures can cause moisture to expand and contract, weakening the bond between the coat of paint and the side of a house. Existing cracks in the coating, can act as a gateway for moisture, causing painting exterior of house in missouri
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The Best Paint Rollers for Different Painting Projects

Paint rollers are essential tools in a painter's arsenal. They speed up the process and make it easier on the painter since one swipe with a roller is equivalent to multiple strokes with a brush. Rollers also produce a smoother, more uniform finished surface while using less paint. Using both rollers and brushes allows you to complete your painting job quickly and with great results.What Size Roller Do You Need?Rollers are available in sizes from 2" to 18", with most falling into the 7" to 12" range. To achieve the best results, you'll want to match the size of roller to the size of your project. A small roller is good for drawer fronts and similar small, flat areas, while a larger roller is better for walls and ceilings.Choosing the Right Roller CoverRoller covers hold the...completing painting project with paint roller
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