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Top 5 Painting Safety Trends

Safety should be your first priority on the job. Whether you’re managing a large corporation or working as a contractor on your own, it’s important to follow safety procedures, particularly when working in a commercial area. Here’s the top five painting safety tips to keep you and your team safe while painting. Roof Safety Many commercial painters need to paint a variety of surfaces, including roofs. To paint efficiently and safely, be sure you use the correct safety gear when working on a roof. Regardless of the height of the building, a fall off a roof could be dangerous or even fatal. Protection from Falling Don’t just protect yourself when on a roof. Any tall building or structure commercial painters need to climb can be a liability without the right safety harnesses. Proper Ventilation in Enclosed...Depositphotos 78838330 m 2015
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Choose the Best Paint for Your Company's Conference Room

Your company's conference room hosts internal employees and external clients, so it needs to be in pristine shape and be representative of your business lifestyle and goals. If your conference room is a little drab and needs a new paint job , follow these tips to ensure it doesn't become a disastrous, time-consuming chore. The first thing to consider before painting your conference room is the type of paint you use. For interior spaces, choose an acrylic-latex or water-based acrylic alkyd hybrid. These are low odor options and contain lower levels of volatile organic compounds (VOCs).   The next thing to consider is  what color you want your conference room to be . Paint the room green to promote efficiency and focus. A soothing yellow sparks innovation and supports creative thinking. Purple encourages creativity and is...3 women at conference room table
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Select the Right Paint for Your Home

A lot of planning goes into the paint job before a brush even touches a surface. For a painting project, it's important to have the right equipment and ensure that the area that you are working in is safe. However, one of the most crucial steps is also selecting the right color to paint. Many people start a job and stall because the color that they thought would work turned out to be the wrong choice. Painting is a step-by-step process that requires diligence and fine attention to detail, and that process starts with color selection. Here are some steps that will help you choose the right one for the job. What is the Look of Your Home? This is simple yet important. You want to get an idea of what color will look the best, and...modern, clean, blue living room
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Extend the Life of Your Walls and Paint After the Job

If you recently completed an interior painting project, congratulations! You worked very hard to improve the look of your home. It's now time to think about strategies that will help you retain that great look for years to come. Follow these tips on how to ensure your interior walls are a source of pride for a long time. Use Quality Paint Granted, your decision to select a certain paint occurred long before you started painting, but hopefully you selected a good quality paint and one that is washable. Using a quality paint for your interior walls and especially one that is washable, will go a long way to helping you remove the dirty fingerprints, scuffs, and other marks that invariably make their way to your walls. Keep a Maintenance Routine Considering all the hard work you...indoor lounge chair with coffee table and plants against pink-painted wall
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3 Reasons to Paint Your Warehouse

Successful companies understand the importance of impressing their business partners and clients. The better the impression companies leave, the more likely it is that partners and clients would be willing to do business. You have probably worked diligently to ensure that every room a potential customer sees looks its best, but what about your warehouse? When it comes to aesthetics, warehouses usually get the short end of the stick. After all, a warehouse's primary function is to store your materials and products, so why should it get any special treatment? Here are a few reasons to consider painting or repainting that long-neglected warehouse . Take care of what you own The simplest reason to paint your warehouse is that painting is a part of the necessary maintenance that is required from time to time. Forklifts may...empty warehouse interior
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