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Boost Your Brand Through Paint Design

Colors play a critical role in brand development. Most businesses feature certain colors in logos, location design, and other branded materials. Whether you already associate certain shades with your business or are starting a new business, exterior and interior paint design amplify the influence of any brand.   Colors and Brands   Envision your favorite brands or businesses. You may be able to see the characteristic colors in the logo or on location. A business that does not feature key colors in paint design is missing out on a major method for reinforcing the significance of its brand. Paint Design and Branding If you already have a branded color scheme, commercial painters help you find the best ways to feature these shades in building paint design. If you are starting a new business, choose colors that...Depositphotos 62600273 l 2015
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Removing Stains from Painted Interior Rooms

Many homeowners want to protect the money and time they invest into painting their interior rooms. Besides wanting their home to look clean and appealing, having well-maintained interior rooms can help impress potential buyers, if the homeowner decides to put their home up for sale later. Homeowners can utilize easy cleaning methods for an interior paint project to keep it in tip-top shape. Paint Selection Some homeowners find it tempting to choose a lower quality paint for an interior painting project to save money. However, lower quality paints often do not provide easy clean features. Before purchasing paint for an interior room, whether the paint is for the walls, the doors, or trim, make sure the paint is washable. Selecting a good quality paint that allows for the cleaning of surface stains with simple soap living room with sofas and coffee table on wooden floor with fireplace in corner and ceiling fan
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Identify 3 Types of Wood Rot

Wood rot occurs when wood in a structure becomes decayed from moisture in wood, which leads to the growth of fungus. Wood rot can cause a variety of issues, including serious structural damage and costly repairs. The most common types of wood decay fungi are brown rot, white rot, and soft rot. Learn more about the three different types of wood rot and how to spot them. Brown Rot Brown rot occurs when a certain type of fungus gets into wood and breaks down the wood's cellulose. Over time, this leads to cracks in the wood, and eventually, the wood will split. Brown rot is sometimes referred to as dry rot because wood that is infected winds up becoming dried out and crumbly. The term "dry rot" is not very accurate, given that moisture causes dry/brown...wood rot and spores
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Don't Neglect Ceilings When Painting Businesses

Give your customers and clients a reason to keep their heads up. Spruce up the ceiling of your business and have their eyes roving upward. The ceiling of your business acts as your fifth wall, and you as a savvy business owner can take that ceiling to new heights by adding color. It's even possible to make a ceiling height look taller (or shorter) depending on the color you choose for it! If you're looking to add some shazam your business's ceiling, don't be afraid of color. Almost everyone has a white ceiling, but it's often not a required color. It's usually not even a desired color, truthfully. What about a soothing blue to mimic the overhead of the great outdoors, a masculine taupe color to add warmth to the space, or a bold, darker hue...white ceiling with light fixture hanging overhead
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Dealing with Furniture When Painting Inside Your Home

You've chosen your colors, bought the paint and supplies, and you're ready to get started. There's just one small problem: what do you do with your furniture? You could do your best to paint around it, but there are better ways to handle painting a furnished room in your home. Paint First The best scenario is initially having an empty room. If you have not moved into the space yet, take advantage of the empty space and paint now. It is much easier to paint a room when you don't have to worry about moving and covering your furniture and other belongings. You may still want to use some drop cloths to protect the floor, however. Move the Furniture If you are already living in the home or apartment space, it may be a good room with vaulted ceiling, sunlight shining through windows, and sofa furniture
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