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Factors That Destroy Your Home Walls' Appearance

You've chosen the perfect paint color with care, had a professional painter apply your paint, and even worked to avoid marring your wall finish, but accidents do happen. Even a few random marks can leave your walls looking dated and tired. There are many causes of wall damage, so be prepared for them to best maintain your home's interior and cut down on the amount of cleaning and even repainting you need to do. Your painted walls can be damaged in a surprising number of ways: from your own kids and pets to the great outdoors. Consider these factors of potential damage to your interior living space: Harsh cleaning products and improper methods : The wrong approach to cleaning your walls could do more harm than good . Shiny spots, bare patches, and even streaking can...small apartment bedroom with desk, bed, and closet
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3 Color Schemes for Your Office

Many people spend days picking out color palettes for their homes, but they don't necessarily think about the colors of the walls in their offices. It makes sense, however, to give attention to the walls in the place you spend the majority of your waking hours. Color affects mood and productivity, so you want to choose a scheme that reflects the energy and ambiance you wish to create. Here are 3 potential color schemes to easily match the mood of your office. Versatile Many businesses paint their interiors in neutral colors, and this isn't just the default. Neutral shades allow versatility to your office design. Think beyond basic white, though. A light cream achieves the same brightness with a softer tone. A nice gray looks professional and provides a lovely backdrop to help any pop of...Depositphotos 18970321 l 2015
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Minimize Energy Loss in Your Commercial Building

Drafty Buildings If your building is starting to show signs of age, is feeling drafty, and your utilities seem to be at an all-time high, chances are it may be time to take a closer look at some of the causes and solutions. Aging buildings settle, creating cracks and openings that allow heating or cooling to escape. Other areas that start showing age are windows and doors, where caulking has dried, cracked, and fallen out, no longer providing a proper seal. Additionally, doors may not close properly or "hang up" when closing, as the building shifts, allowing drafts and running up your utility costs. Left unattended, these cracks can develop into gaps as the wood dries out or masonry disintegrates, inviting insects and becoming mold growth-friendly. This will lead to other problems such as mildew in...high-rise apartment buildings
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Why Your Commercial Building Needs a Roof Coating Today

The natural wear and tear which comes with time can eat away at the roof of your commercial property. Before you know it, your building is springing leaks whenever it rains and suffering structural damage as a result. Applying a silicone roof coating to your commercial space provides a new, added layer of protection. You’ll fend off further damage, saving you the costly effort of repairing major damages. If you’re considering getting work done on your roof, here are a few great reasons to opt for roof coating restoration. Waterproof Seal Once applied, the silicon coating creates a single protective layer over your entire roof. This makes the protection entirely waterproof, with no cracks or seams for water to slip through. Waterproofing your roof is an essential part of protecting your commercial building from future damage....Depositphotos 12299150 m 2015
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Factors That Affect Painting Project Timelines

One of the main concerns a customer has when it comes to their property being painted is how long the job will take. This isn't always such a simple question to answer. Of course, there is a standard to base time on, such as project size, whether it is a new or existing construction, if there is any damage, or other factors. However, consider and budget time for these other variables that are bound to come along. Building and Structure The building itself can determine whether a project may be quick and easy or a challenge. Size plays an important role in establishing a project timeline. The greater number of rooms and surface area to be painted will influence the project scope. Additionally, plan for things like if the trim also needs to be painted, if...modern apartment architecture
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