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3 Compelling Reasons to Hire Professional Painters for Your Commercial Paint Job

Painting your own office may seem like a good way to save money. But when you don't have the right tools, the results can be lackluster. Painting your own office takes up valuable time you could spend improving your business and could end up costing you more money in the long run. Keep reading to discover three incredible benefits of hiring professional painters for your commercial painting job. 1. Quality Work Professional painters have spent years honing the best techniques for a precise, perfect, and long-lasting paint job. With the right tools and equipment to get the job done quickly and efficiently, the quality of paint will stay clean, without flakes, chips, or debris, for years to come. They also have the knowledge and skills to paint nooks and crannies and other hard-to-reach places non-professionals might...professional painter expertly painting commercial building
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When to Repair the Joint Caulking on Your Commercial Building

Joint caulking is an integral part of any sturdy construction. Nestled in between the expansion joints, joint caulking protects and reinforces your building. Without it, your building won't hold up to the elements for very long. Why is Joint Caulking So Important? First and foremost, joint caulking helps to keep your building airtight. By sealing the holes and gaps in the expansion joints, your building has a lower risk of incurring any water damage. It's not only good for protecting the exterior of your building but the inner walls as well. Joint caulking also helps with noise reduction and insulation. It can save on your power bill too! Buildings will expand and contract throughout their lifetimes. Joint caulking will make that process less of a headache in the long run. Warning Signs Joint Caulking Needs Repaired...newly repaired joint caulking for expansion joint on commercial building
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How the Right Color Can Improve Morale In the Workplace

As a business owner, you want your employees motivated to do more and be better. When morale is low, productivity is often low as well. What can you do to improve both? A new coat of paint might just do the trick. Consider the workplace benefits of the following color options. Red The color red is one that promotes labor, power, strength, and energy. If your workplace is high-energy, red could be the right color for your warehouse or office. Red is intense and will raise your blood pressure, so if you need your employees to get that little spark behind them, a bright shade of red might help. It could also help in a quieter office setting where people tend to doze off or lag a little. The red could wake them up and get...interior office painters
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5 Industrial Painting Tools and Techniques

When it comes to painting, different tools and techniques are used for different types of painting projects. Commercial and industrial painting use specific techniques to create an aesthetically pleasing environment for facility managers or owners of large businesses or warehouses. What is Industrial Painting? Industrial painting is usually reserved for areas only seen by technical workers. This includes warehouses, garages, or other places where supplies are stored. Industrial painting utilizes practicality instead of appearances. Industrial painting may also be used to coat machinery or certain automotive components. Industrial paint is composed of coatings like polyurethane and epoxy, which create a smooth and sturdy coating over the area. This coating protects structures like bridges and pipes from corrosion. Additives can also be applied to the paint to make it resistant to fire or biofouling. Industrial Painting Tools...professional painter using air sprayer to paint industrial building
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Harrah’s 1st Level Casino Floor Remodel and Cosmetic Update

Remodel and Cosmetic Update Project Summary In the Summer of 2019, Harrah’s Kansas City Hotel & Casino in North Kansas City contracted with Major Painting to complete a cosmetic upgrade (remodel) to the complete first floor of their casino.  This project would end up being phase 1 of 2, where phase 2 would consist of the 2nd level of the casino floor and some entrances. The remodel of 1st level of the casino floor, which is approximately 30,000 square feet, consisted of painting the ceiling grid, changing the ceiling tiles out, removing the wallpaper along all of the exterior walls of the casino and painting them. Project Highlights Address: 1 Riverboat Dr. North Kansas City, MO 64116Building Type: 2-Story, 30.000 sq. ft. Commercial Building Client Type: Entertainment & HotelCompletion Date: September 2019 Project Photo Gallery {igallery...
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