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Tips for Painting a Creative Workspace

When you decide to paint a creative workspace such as a private studio or a creative office space, you’ll be faced with the question of how to inspire creativity without creating a distraction or limiting imagination. Here are 3 tips for painting a creative workspace: Choose neutral colors that aren’t visually intrusive. If you’re painting a creative space in which visually based projects such as paintings are being produced, then you’ll likely wish to choose a light, neutral wall color. This will help ensure that the artists in the room are able to accurately perceive the colors that they’re working with. On the other hand, if your workspace is creative in a more abstract sense, then feel free to choose colors that are vivid and engaging. To reduce distraction, choose solid colors over patterns. Although it’s tempting...Tips for Painting a Creative Workspace
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Four Things to be Aware of when Painting your Own Home

Many people believe painting to be an easy task that anyone can do. Their finished results however tell a different story. When painting, even the smallest details matter, which is why it is important not to take shortcuts. Here are some things to be aware of when painting your own home that will truly make a difference in the way your walls look. 1. Clean surfaces first This is a step that a lot of people skip, yet is extremely important. Paint cannot adhere properly to dirt, grime, or oil, which means that unless you clean your walls, they are likely to appear patchy. 2. Use canvas drop cloths Plastic drop cloths can become bunched up underneath your feet, thereby leaving your floors unprotected. Canvas drop cloths are a better choice because they remain in placer....Couple Painting Room in Home
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What Does The Color of Your Front Door Say About You?

The exterior of your home is important in so many ways: it can increase the value of your home, it creates curb appeal, and it's the first impression others have of you. Have you ever considered what the color of your front door says about you? Color speaks volumes, but so does the boldness or softness of the colors you choose. The bolder the color, the more outgoing the homeowner. Let's take a look at some color choices for doors and what they silently communicate to people. Red and Orange: Not surprisingly, these bright and bold colors say "look at me!" People who choose red or orange for their front doors are usually more outgoing and energetic.Yellow: Is bright and sunny, just like the people who live behind a yellow door. These homeowners are upbeat, positive,...What Does the Color of Your Front Door Say About You
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Matching Bathroom Colors with Office Space

You know that your office’s appearance makes an important impression to the people who walk through your doors, but have you ever thought about how your bathroom area might influence your visitors’ opinions of your business? Taking the time to match your bathroom colors with your office space will ensure that your visitors have an overall positive impression of your office. Consider painting the bathroom a different color than the main office Although there’s nothing wrong with painting your bathroom the same color as your main office, keep in mind that this strategy will create a monotonous overall effect. Instead, create more visual interest and show your visitors that you put thought into your office layout by choosing a bathroom color that pairs well with – but isn’t the same as – your office. Create a...Matching Bathroom With Office Space
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Roof Restoration: Silicone vs. Acrylic

While there are many systems for roof restoration, recently, silicone and acrylic roof coating systems been grabbing the attention of building owners and facility managers. Compared to more traditional roof restoration options, both coating systems are seamless, reduce building energy costs, are easy to work with, and most importantly, COST-efficient. While everyone understands there are advantages to roof coating systems, many don't understand which system is superior. Although there are many advantages to both systems, Silicone Roof Coatings have proven to be much more valuable to consumers. Silicone Roof Coating vs. Acrylic Roof CoatingSilicone vs Acrylic Chart
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