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Choose the Right Painter’s Tape for Your Project

With spring’s arrival, many people are ready to take on new painting projects with the fresh season. When shopping for your supplies, make sure that you also get the correct painter’s tape for the project. Painter’s tape is an important tool that most tend to overlook. It costs more than other types of tape, and many people will forgo it, buying masking tape to offset costs. Even though masking tape is cheaper and is used on many other projects, it does not work well on painting projects. Masking tape will make your project more difficult in the following ways: Paint will stick to the surface of masking tape, which will lead to the paint peeling when you remove the tape.If you are using an oil-based paint, masking tape will deteriorate quicker, causing paint to seep applying blue painter's tape to wall
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Spectrum Paint Colors for Your Next Spring Home Project

As spring projects begin to line up, colors for fashion and home décor are at the forefront of homeowners’ minds when considering new paint jobs. Trendy, fashionable colors include some classics and some brilliant surprises. Consider some of the following colors and combinations when you select paint for your next interior or exterior home painting project. Interior Pastel Colors Pastels have been popular and pleasant for many. They aren’t only used for softer rooms, like a baby's room. Instead, any room that needs some color can don hues of faded versions of colors. Instead of peach, think of blush. Instead of sky blue, think of pale duck egg, or almost-white hues of aqua or seafoam. Pastels bring a subtle pop of color without being too flashy. White and Black White and black coloring offer great contrast...vivid-colored home living room with 3 love seats during daytime
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Differing Preparation Procedures for Different Substrate Materials

There are many variables to consider when thinking about painting a commercial building. Preparation of the space is by far the most important aspect. How the area is prepared will determine the success and, ultimately, the life of the paint job. However, not all surfaces can be prepared using the same technique, as one preparation for one type of surface could actually cause damage to another. For example, metal and wood require completely different methods. Be sure to know how to properly prepare the surfaces before starting your project. Preparing Wooden Areas One of the first things a professional painter does is perform a test in an inconspicuous area, where the paint is worn. They clean the surface with soap and water, and then rinse the area well. They allow plenty of time for the area...white commercial building with clear skies
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Proper Painting Preparation for Your Project

Taking steps to prepare your surfaces properly for painting can make the difference between hours of work wasted, and a beautifully finished project that lasts. It can be tempting to skip seemingly trivial but actually vital steps. Investing time now in proper preparation will save you in the long-run when your project will look better and last longer. Be sure you’re prepared for your next project before diving in. Cleaning Your Surfaces If the surface is already painted, it's important to remove any paint that's peeling or damaged first. Simply slapping new paint over old paint will only make the problem worse. Depending on the surface, you may also need to sand, scrape, or scratch it to help the fresh paint adhere properly. Dirt, moisture, or oily stains or substances will also prevent your new paint...peeling layers of blue and orange paint on wall
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Do Your Building Expansion Joints Need Re-Caulking?

If you are like most people, you may have neglected considerations on your building's expansion joints. Expansion joints are an essential part of the frame of your building. They are located where two pieces of concrete meet and allow your building to "move" by expanding and contracting, depending on the varying temperatures and pressures of the seasons. Expansion joints help your building withstand different weather patterns throughout the year, resisting damages to slabs or concrete elevations. This makes them a critical component in the life of your building. There are vertical expansion joints on the outside of buildings, and there are also horizontal expansion joints inside buildings in the floor, so they don’t crack out. Properly maintaining them involves having your joints re-caulked routinely to make sure your building does not fall victim to the weather....cracked floor joint
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