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Upgrade Your Office Walls with Fresh Paint

Looking to upgrade your office space? Refreshing your office walls with a new coat of paint can make a world of difference in the perception of your company and your space. Below are four reasons a new paint job can bring new life to your work rooms: Create Lasting, Positive Impressions for Clients and Interviewees First impressions matter for anyone visiting your office. With a new paint job, host meetings with current and prospective clients in an office space of which you can take pride. A professional job will rid walls of scratches, chipped paint, and dirt to welcome a cleaner, rejuvenated interior design. Your office appearance will reflect your company's quality of work. Make sure a grimy, unkempt appearance isn't chasing away top candidates or potential leads. Upgrade your office space with a modern, stylish...interior of modern office space
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Kansas City Entrepreneurial Foundation Preserves Wood Overhangs

Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation Stains Wood Walkway Overhangs The Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation headquartered in the heart of Kansas City, Missouri is a staple to the Entrepreneurship culture in the Midwest. Founded in 1966 by the legendary pharmaceutical entrepreneur and humanitarian, Ewing Marion Kauffman, the mission of the foundation is to advance entrepreneurship, improve the education for the youth, and support the development of Kansas City. With the foundation’s strong leadership and community support, the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation hosts several entrepreneurial and education events daily at its Kansas City building resulting in over 150,000 individuals coming in and out of their doors a year! With High Foot-Traffic Comes Necessary Maintenance Problem: At first glance, the Kauffman Foundation building mesmerizes indivudals with its elegance and modern beauty. With over hundreds of thousands of people visiting the...Canopies Being Pressure Washed
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Building Repainting Affected by the Elements

If you own a commercial building, then you are aware that maintaining your property is important to attract and retain tenants. The first thing a potential tenant sees when they visit your facilities is the exterior appearance of the building. A properly maintained and well-painted property makes an excellent first impression, on the other hand, if your building's paint is faded or chipping and the building is poorly maintained, a negative impression is certain to be had. Most people equate maintenance with landscaping or plumbing repair; however, many forget to consider repainting their commercial property in routine maintenance. It is recommended to repaint your building’s exterior every 7-12 years, based on many variable factors. One of the most variable factors that affects your commercial buildings exterior is the environmental factors; take these elements into consideration when deciding on...snowfall on buildings
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Special Considerations for Preparing Your Business for Interior Painting

Special considerations need to be made before hiring a contractor to paint your business place. It's especially true when interior areas need to be painted. Before working with commercial painting contractors, follow these tips to prepare yourself, your employees, your customers, and other traffic for interior painting without worries. It's important to hire a contractor with proven experience and the proper equipment. Your business has set times to also take into consideration. For example, if you owned a store, it might be open at 6am and be closed at 9pm. During open hours, people are likely to come in, which can make the contractor's work more difficult. It can also become a hindrance for your customers to get to the products they want. Overall, it causes conflict for all parties. If possible, an experienced contractor will plan...paint roller on wall
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Interior Home Painting to Set a Room's Personality

Have you been considering painting options for your home, but still struggling to figure out the best combination for each room? Below we will discuss popular color options and techniques. Choosing a paint color can be a stressful task, solidifying an aesthetic feel to a room. These options provide direction to choosing a color that matches the personality you’ll want to set for a room. And remember, it’s just paint; you can always change the color if it doesn’t turn out accordingly. Choose a Light Color You may find yourself drawn to some of the darker paint choices, such as a deep red or blue, but those colors can be too rich or shadowy for your walls. Darker colors will make the room dark, and often individuals grow tired of them quickly. Through our experiences, it is best to...home living room with blue painted wall
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