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Special Considerations for Preparing Your Business for Interior Painting

Special considerations need to be made before hiring a contractor to paint your business place. It's especially true when interior areas need to be painted. Before working with commercial painting contractors, follow these tips to prepare yourself, your employees, your customers, and other traffic for interior painting without worries.It's important to hire a contractor with proven experience and the proper equipment. Your business has set times to also take into consideration. For example, if you owned a store, it might be open at 6am and be closed at 9pm. During open hours, people are likely to come in, which can make the contractor's work more difficult. It can also become a hindrance for your customers to get to the products they want. Overall, it causes conflict for all parties. If possible, an experienced contractor will plan to...paint roller on wall
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Interior Home Painting to Set a Room's Personality

Have you been considering painting options for your home, but still struggling to figure out the best combination for each room? Below we will discuss popular color options and techniques. Choosing a paint color can be a stressful task, solidifying an aesthetic feel to a room. These options provide direction to choosing a color that matches the personality you’ll want to set for a room. And remember, it’s just paint; you can always change the color if it doesn’t turn out accordingly.Choose a Light ColorYou may find yourself drawn to some of the darker paint choices, such as a deep red or blue, but those colors can be too rich or shadowy for your walls. Darker colors will make the room dark, and often individuals grow tired of them quickly. Through our experiences, it is best to choose a...home living room with blue painted wall
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4 Key Mistakes When Qualifying a Painting Contractor

When searching for a painting contractor, it is important to know what to look for, but equally important to be aware of common mistakes made by individuals when selecting their contractor. By taking these precautions it will end up saving you money, but most importantly, valuable time that is involved in fixing the mistakes of a botched job. Be wary of the following common pitfalls when choosing a painting contractor for your residential or commercial painting job.Before hiring a contractor to complete your job, it is always beneficial to collect a couple of estimates and second opinions. In many cases 3-4 written estimates will provide you with a better understanding of what is needed to complete the project as well as where the average pricing lies. There will always be a low bidder, and many times,...two people in a discussion meeting
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Silicone Roof Coating Restoration Over Modified Bitumen

About The Building:In Kansas City- Missouri, the neighborhood of Westport is known as an entertainment area with festive pubs, bars and historic buildings, rich with culture. The building located at 3957 Broadway Blvd sits just north of the heart of downtown Westport and has housed several diverse tenants over its years. In 2016, the ownership of the building changed and the new owner’s goal was to revamp the 3-suite building, bringing back full occupancy. Rennovation commenced in 2017 and one of the major issues with the building was its old, leaky roof made it unattractive to potential tenants. With that being said, the roof became a priority and an essential fix to entice new tenants.Probelm:With this building being older, the existing modified bitumen roof had seen its better days. Although the roof had a good slope...Modified Bitumen Roof
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Loch Lloyd: Neighborhood Light Poles Restored

The private neighborhood of Loch Lloyd is nestled in the northwestern corner of Cass County, Missouri and is recognized for its resort-like community with many luxurious homes, amenities, and signature golf course. The neighborhood stretches around a lake and therefore has many long, twisty streets all accompanied by street lights. Major Painting was awarded the project of cleaning and painting 125 street light poles by the HOA.Problem:The Loch Lloyd Community is a very private community that was developed around a lot of trees and a man made lake. With the lake and the natural, wooded enviornment around the community we believe the main reason  these original light poles needed to be cleaned as well as repainted was due to all the bugs from the trees and lake. The top light fixture area was a perfect home...Light Pole with Double Fixtures that was painted black
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