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Use Paint Apps to Guide Your Residential or Commercial Painting

Paint apps are downloaded onto a smartphone or other electronic devices for customers to accurately view paint options and match them to the current area and color scheme before deciding on paint color. By uploading a photo of the area to paint, these apps allow customers to bring their room with them and compare more accurately with vision. Popular Paint Apps Paint My Place is one of the most popular paint app options, allowing customers to visualize different paint colors within their rooms. With the option to choose from several different paint companies, you can design and edit your room with a variety of options. ColorSnap is another paint app that is popular and available at no charge to customers. Using Sherwin Williams ' paint shades options, customers can develop a custom palette for their room....hand holding a smartphone
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Why Spring Is a Good Time for Commercial Joint Caulking

Is your commercial building in Kansas City in need of new joint caulking? Perhaps you’ve noticed the previous caulking peeling away or it wasn’t done correctly, to begin with. As spring rolls in, now is the perfect time to get your commercial joint caulking done, but why? Nice Weather The nicer weather of spring immediately following a drab winter is a good time to get a variety of maintenance projects done. This includes joint caulking. You can finally see what the exterior of your building looks like with the sun shining on it, might have found a few leaky joints as the snow was melting and can now hire the professionals to fix it up. Spring Cleaning Spring cleaning is when you tidy and clean up the mess left by winter. Sometimes your caulking becomes brittle...Caulking1
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How Feng Shui and Paint Color Affect Your Workplace

Your surroundings at work can affect your productivity. If you've ever suffered through sitting in a wobbly chair or squinted in poor lighting, then you know a good environment is important. The colors at your business are part of your surroundings and can make a difference in your comfort, perception, and mood. They also affect your customers too! Improve your business surroundings using the principles of feng shui colors for business . What Do Feng Shui Colors Mean for Your Business? Feng shui colors represent and promote different things for a space. When choosing to paint an office room , consider a couple questions. What services does your business provide? What ideals do you want to convey? Red gives the vibe of energy, passion, love, and prosperity. It corresponds to the fire element. Orange represents activity,...organized blue office room
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Paints to Help Prevent Mildew

Mildew is a type of fungus that grows on moist surfaces and may have a distinctive odor. It is a thin, black, gray, or sometimes white growth produced by mold that is in the air. When the spores find a warm, moist home, they may grow to noticeable proportions. Bathrooms and laundry areas are more often affected, but any area or room that has a high moisture content in the air is vulnerable to mildew. According to the CDC , some people are sensitive to mildew and molds. They may experience respiratory symptoms or skin and eye irritations. In addition to health concerns, mildew can compromise the safety of buildings. It decomposes walls, tiles, and other areas. In the most serious cases, the structure becomes unsound and dangerous. Mildew can also permanently damage porous objects, such...mildew on the wall in corner
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Importance of Water Sealing

Water sealing is a crucial step in keeping your business or home looking its best for many years after being painted. Rain can cause substantial damage to paint that has not been sealed, which can greatly shorten the amount of time before it will need to be repainted. We value the longevity of our work, so water sealing is a vital aspect of all our exterior painting projects. How Can Water Sealing Benefit Me? Water sealing is important because it protects paint from rain, snow, and other moisture by providing a waterproof barrier that blocks moisture from reaching the paint. This helps to protect the paint from peeling, flaking, and other types of water damage, which keeps the paint looking its best for as long as possible. Properly sealed paint can also prevent water damage to...front view of two-story house after rain
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