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Office Remodel: When is the Ideal Time for a New Look?

Regardless of industry, it's crucial to have a clean and well laid out office environment. An office outlook not only impacts the productivity of your working staff but can also help in attracting more business. Indeed, your enterprises' ability to generate revenue benefits greatly from a firm's appearance. However, most businesses grapple with identifying lasting office designs amidst the need to cater to modern designs. Over time, trends and needs change—and so too should the look of an office – but when is the right time to plan an office remodel? 1. Growth in Sales/Business Often, prudent entrepreneurs utilize office remodels to create a buzz around a business. As such, a new look or space serves as an indicator of a successful business operation. Regardless, if your firm has outgrown the available space, the next natural...newly remodeled office space after growth
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5 Reasons You Should NOT Wait to Repaint the Exterior of Your House

When is the last time you had your home's exterior repainted? If it has been a few years, you may notice hairline cracks beginning to form in the finish and small chips flaking from the wood. With your home showing obvious signs that its outer finish is failing to "weather the storm", it might be time to call upon a professional exterior painter. Why Paint Your Home's Exterior Sooner Rather than Later? Volumes have been written on the necessity of maintaining the exterior of your home, but here are the top five reasons you should never wait for a fresh coat of paint: 1. Water Damage A solid coat of paint acts as a sealant and barrier against moisture. Hairline cracks may appear to be insignificant, but any amount of water from rain or melting snow...freshly painted house exterior to help prevent weather damage
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Office Remodel Tips: Pick the Best Paint Color for Your Conference Room

Step into any office building and you're likely to find rooms painted in neutral colors like white and gray. This is especially true of conference rooms, generally regarded as being strictly business. However, many companies are rethinking their style and doing an office remodel to incorporate color and create more welcoming environments. Consider the wide range of things that happen in conference rooms: conducting interviews, meeting clients, brainstorming new business ideas, and finalizing contracts. A more vibrant color seems more suitable than a drab neutral, but how do you choose the right one? Colors have a significant impact on the brain, influencing people's moods and productivity. Just as selecting colors for your business' branding is important to conveying the right message about your company, choosing proper paint colors for your conference room is critical to promoting...newly remodeled and painted conference room in office building
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Ceiling Painting Tips for Your Home or Business

When painting the interior of your home or business, it’s easy to overlook the ceiling when picking out your preferred color(s) and just paint it/keep it white. However, your ceilings can be an important part of your room’s aesthetic and simply slapping on a coat of white paint can be a missed opportunity to make a positive impression. To achieve your desired look, first decide if you want to fool the eye into believing the room is smaller and cozier or if you want to give the impression of a larger space. Ceiling Paint for Larger Rooms If your home or office has large rooms with high ceilings, your flooring and furnishings might take up less than half of the room. The remaining space can feel bare, cold, and off-balance; not exactly a welcoming feeling for...freshly painted ceiling to give room a larger appearance
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3 Tips For Preparing For Commercial Painting Services

A new coat of paint is perfect for updating a space and keeping it looking clean and fresh. When hiring professional painters to rejuvenate the look of your commercial building, it is important that you are well prepared for the commercial painters before they arrive. This makes the process much smoother, both for you and for the painting service. 1. Make Sure Your Building Is Up-To-Code Before you have the painters come and paint your commercial building, it is important that you make sure your building is up-to-code and everything is functioning as it should in terms of electricity, plumbing, etc. The last thing that you want is having someone come in and do repair work and cause damage to your freshly painted walls. Thankfully, doing this beforehand can save you both time and money. 2....professional painters preparing to paint office in commercial building
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