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Suit Your Home's Style Appropriately with Color Schemes

Painting your house’s exterior can change the look and feel of a home and even increase its value. To do this, you need to choose the proper paint colors for the style of your home. For instance, a historic Victorian house would look out of place with a bright, modern color scheme. For most homes, a fresh paint coat of neutral colors is usually a safe choice and will give your house a chic and trendy appearance. You can also add an occasional pop of color to specific areas, if desired, to catch a visitor's attention. Depending on your house style, preferences, and message you may want to broadcast about your home, consider these color schemes and coordination. Traditional For a home constructed in a style that's mostly traditional, a warm, beige paint on the exterior...two-story white and gray suburbian home on clear day with freshly cut lawn
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Choose the Right Paint Brush for the Job

Selecting the proper paint brush doesn't have to be guesswork. Different types of paints and surfaces require different equipment; using the wrong combination of paint and brush can lead to big problems. Before choosing a brush , you also need to know what type of paint you'll be using. Understand the advantages and disadvantages of different types of brushes by comparing their variable traits. Natural vs. Synthetic Bristle Brushes Both oil-based and water-based paints have distinctive pros and cons . More importantly, they require different brushes with bristles made of different materials. Bristles can either be made of natural fibers like animal hair, or synthetic fibers like polyester or nylon. When working with water-based paints a synthetic bristle brush is a must, while oil-based paints work better with natural fiber. Using a natural fiber brush with...pile of used, colorful paint brushes and sponge on table
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Pay Attention to Your Paints to Fit Each Specific Need

Painting any surface in your home or office is going to require some research into what type of paint you need. Not only do you want to put careful consideration into the color of the paint, but also the type of paint. Otherwise, it's possible the paint will not last as long, and it will not have the professional appearance you'd expect. Here are three specific areas to pay attention to when choosing paints: Painting Outdoors:  If you are painting the exterior of your warehouse or even a fence that surrounds your home, you cannot use paints that are specifically made for indoor painting. After all, the paint outdoors is going to be exposed to the elements such as rain, wind, and sun, which means it won't last as long if it's not made to conference room with large windows on high level of skyscraper during daytime
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5 Reasons to Repaint Your Business Interior – Part 2

Welcome back to the second half of our two-part article on all the most important reasons to repaint the interior of your business . Last time , we talked about refreshing the look and feel of your business as a beautifully done new coat of paint makes your business look like it has been freshly rebuilt from the ground up. We also talked about the importance of choosing the current color-scheme to suit your business, rather than some generic color or colors chosen for some business who came before. With a chance to repaint, it's time to take the opportunity and customize your workplace to match the culture, attitude, and style of your company. Let's pick up where we left off at impressing customers with bold décor decisions and a whole new look. 3) Impressing Your chairs and white table in office presentation room
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5 Reasons to Repaint Your Business Interior – Part 1

Even in the mobile and digital age of business, office decor is still emphasized in any brick-and-mortar business location. Whether you're in a towering office building or in your own little shop, employees and customers pay attention to the look and feel of your workplace, judging businesses on what they see. But before you start ordering expensive light fixtures and pieces of art, take a real look around your office. There may not be anything wrong with your interior design, but rather a glaring (and glaringly white and bland), affordable transformation your office could use that would help immensely. Paint isn't like artwork, light fixtures, or ergonomic desks. The aesthetic appeal of the result relies more on strategic color choice and the skill of the painter than on how much you spent. A touch of paint...modern office kitchen with cool accents and aesthetics and wooden table
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