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Tnemec's New Warehouse Receives Complete Paint Overhaul

Recent expansion landed Tnemec, one of the leading manufacturers of coatings and coating systems for exterior and interior environments, into a warehouse house in North Kansas City.             Before Tnemec's corporate offices have been headquartered in North Kansas City for quite some time, but its newest warehouse is located between 26th and 23rd street on the Westside of Burlington. The space is just shy of 40,000 square feet and was in desperate need of a makeover.   During  The painting scope for the project included a fresh new paint job for the entire warehouse; this included a 38,500 square foot ceiling, over 23,000 square foot of wall, many poles, and a new bathroom addition. In order to complete the job, three 30-foot scissor lifts were brought in and over 600 gallons...Tnemec Before Commercial Painting
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Retirement Community Enjoys New Look

Nestled just northeast of 40 Hwy and 7 Hwy in Blue Springs, Missouri, resides a small retirement community. The community, made up of many outgoing and energetic elder, enjoys the outdoors and spending time with their neighbors was unfortunately experiencing excessive wood rot and paint failure on one of their streets. Therefore, this spring Major Painting was contracted by the community's HOA to address the wood rot issues and to repaint the homes. In the Spring of 2016, Kansas City's Commercial Repaint Specialist, Major Painting, executed the project. With 11 homes, each home presented its own challenges. Major's first priority was to get the team of carpenters out in front of the painters. After the carpentry team had successfully replaced all areas of rot on the first four homes, it was then time to let the painters...After Pictures of Homes Painted
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What Type of Paint is Right for My Commercial Project

Why, When, and Where to use high-performance paints on my commercial property As a commercial painting contractor that specializes in working with Property and Facility Managers, we are regularly asked what products should be used where. This article will outline the benefits of using Sherwin Williams’ Pro Industrial Coatings. Pro Industrial coatings are predominately used in areas of high traffic, where durability is among the main concern. 1. Pre-Catalyzed Water Based Epoxy Ideal for all high traffic areas looking for a water-based coating that allows washability and chemical resistance, all while providing excellent hide and great coverage. This coating may be applied to block, drywall, masonry and concrete. Pre-Catalyzed Epoxy is frequently used in hospitals, schools, and restaurants. 2. Pro-Cryl Universal Acrylic Primer A water-based metal primer formulated to resist rust and corrosion is ideal for...
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Q&A: Can I Paint My Stucco

Do you have a stucco home that has started fading, holding mold, or cracking? Well… it is most likely time to freshen up the exterior of home with a new coat of paint. This article will cover many important question a homeowner needs know in order to make the most informed decision possible when it comes to paint products as well as the application method to make your stucco look like new! Q: How do I know when my stucco needs to be painted?A: When it comes to assessing if your stucco needs to be painted, there are a handful of tell tale signs. First, if you see CRACKING, this usually means your house has settled over the last couple of years forcing the stucco to move more than it would like. Second, if you see...
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Maintenance Painting: Scottsdale Center

Do you manage or own a commercial building with concrete block elevations? Is it starting to shows signs of old age such as peeling paint, loose joints, or just isn't exactly aesthetically appealing anymore? We can help you! Problem: The Scottsdale Center, located in Independence, Missouri was in need of a protective coating to be applied to its back elevation due to excessive paint failure leaving the CMU block exposed to the elements. In most areas, the paint had started to discolor or peal, while in the more crucial areas, the paint had trapped the water in between it and the cmu block. When water sits in between a coating and block, it can cause many issues from deterioration of the block and its joints to interior water and mold problems.    Solution: Major Paintings plan of attack...Before Picture of Back Elevation
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