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Factors That Destroy Your Home Walls' Appearance

You've chosen the perfect paint color with care, had a professional painter apply your paint, and even worked to avoid marring your wall finish, but accidents do happen. Even a few random marks can leave your walls looking dated and tired. There are many causes of wall damage, so be prepared for them to best maintain your home's interior and cut down on the amount of cleaning and even repainting you need to do. Your painted walls can be damaged in a surprising number of ways: from your own kids and pets to the great outdoors. Consider these factors of potential damage to your interior living space: Harsh cleaning products and improper methods: The wrong approach to cleaning your walls could do more harm than good. Shiny spots, bare patches, and even streaking can be caused...small apartment bedroom with desk, bed, and closet
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Select the Right Paint for Your Home

A lot of planning goes into the paint job before a brush even touches a surface. For a painting project, it's important to have the right equipment and ensure that the area that you are working in is safe. However, one of the most crucial steps is also selecting the right color to paint. Many people start a job and stall because the color that they thought would work turned out to be the wrong choice. Painting is a step-by-step process that requires diligence and fine attention to detail, and that process starts with color selection. Here are some steps that will help you choose the right one for the job. What is the Look of Your Home? This is simple yet important. You want to get an idea of what color will look the best, and...modern, clean, blue living room
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5 Signs of Dry Rot Wood Decay

Whether you're a new home buyer or you're just fixing up the old shed, the last thing you want to come across is dry rot wood decay. Dry rot is something that can be very problematic for property owners, especially when it starts spreading. Often, dry rot is something that starts in a less visible place, like in between walls, and could take months before showing itself. Dry rot is a damaging type of fungal decay found in timber that often occurs in poorly ventilated areas of buildings, normally resulting in cracking or crumbling of the wood. Dry rot spores alone are a health issue, as they indicate excessive dampness in the house, which could cause respiratory problems. Dry rot also weakens the wood, which makes it less reliable and could collapse a foundation. Dry rot can affect painting...old faded wooden patio deck
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Suit Your Home's Style Appropriately with Color Schemes

Painting your house’s exterior can change the look and feel of a home and even increase its value. To do this, you need to choose the proper paint colors for the style of your home. For instance, a historic Victorian house would look out of place with a bright, modern color scheme. For most homes, a fresh paint coat of neutral colors is usually a safe choice and will give your house a chic and trendy appearance. You can also add an occasional pop of color to specific areas, if desired, to catch a visitor's attention. Depending on your house style, preferences, and message you may want to broadcast about your home, consider these color schemes and coordination. Traditional For a home constructed in a style that's mostly traditional, a warm, beige paint on the exterior...two-story white and gray suburbian home on clear day with freshly cut lawn
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Major Factors Affecting Your Home's Exterior Paint

One of the things homeowners come to terms with quickly is that the management and upkeep of a home is never-ending. There will always be something to clean, a light bulb needing to be changed, and some weekend do-it-yourself project to pursue. The most important thing you can do to ensure your home remains in top shape is to make sure you take time to inspect the exterior on a regular basis to make sure the exterior paint is properly adhered and not peeling, flaking, nor blistering. The paint on the outside of your home is not only beneficial for curb appeal, but also, it is there to protect your investment. Consider these factors when deciding if you need to paint the exterior of your home. Weather The elements, like high winds and rain, can serve...weathered side of stucco home with wooden door and fading paint
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