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Jeopardizing the Longevity of Your Commercial Paint Job

Covering a commercial location with paint can be a tricky business. With so many surface types, such as metal, wood, brick, paneling, or drywall, it can be hard to find a paint that does not peel or easily flake off. Without following important instructions, your commercial paint job might start to deteriorate long before you are able to get your investment out of it.   Prepping the Surface One of the foundational rules of commercial painting is a careful preparation of the surface. Whether the goal is an exterior or interior paint job, the entire surface needs to be thoroughly cleaned. This includes pressure washing exterior areas and removing and sanding chipped paint. If the surface has rust on it, an abrasive blaster can be used to remove the old paints and provide a smooth surface....Painting action
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Preparation Tips for Interior Painting

Interior painting can be a hassle, especially if you’re a concerned amateur painter. If you have a beautiful idea in mind for a room (or rooms) in your house but are worried you won’t achieve the outcome you envision, consider these few tips to help you paint like a professional. Prepare the Room and Walls There's more to a painting project than just painting. The preparation you do before you begin painting is just as important to the outcome as the painting itself. Before you begin, clear everything out the room and off the walls, including any furniture and items you don’t want paint on. After the walls are clear, look for any indentations and fill all holes and indentations with spackling solution. If you are dealing with deeper dents or holes, consider using an epoxy wood filler....professional painter spackling interior walls before painting
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The Best Paint Rollers for Different Painting Projects

Paint rollers are essential tools in a painter's arsenal. They speed up the process and make it easier on the painter since one swipe with a roller is equivalent to multiple strokes with a brush. Rollers also produce a smoother, more uniform finished surface while using less paint. Using both rollers and brushes allows you to complete your painting job quickly and with great results. What Size Roller Do You Need? Rollers are available in sizes from 2" to 18", with most falling into the 7" to 12" range. To achieve the best results, you'll want to match the size of roller to the size of your project. A small roller is good for drawer fronts and similar small, flat areas, while a larger roller is better for walls and ceilings. Choosing the Right Roller Cover...completing painting project with paint roller
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How Repainting Your Commercial Business Can Improve Your Bottom Line

    A fresh coat of paint is a cost-effective way to maintain your building and increase customer traffic. From a newly purchased building to a long-standing storefront, here are a few reasons why repainting your commercial building can improve your brand and bottom line easily.   Improve Curb Appeal Bright, clean, colors create a crisp, professional look. Whether you’re repainting the exterior or interior, you can create a strong first impression on your customers. A new coat of exterior paint, in particular, can be a refreshing way to advertise your location and welcome your customers.   Create New Emotions Colors can create strong emotional responses. From cool, calming colors, to vibrant, exciting options, consider trying out a new color in your commercial building. This can have a positive impact on your employee productivity and promise
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Questions You Should Always Ask Before Hiring a Commercial Painter

      Commercial painting is a big job that you want done right the first time. A good quality paint job can help your building stand out and make your company look better. Not all painting companies are the same though. There are certain questions you should always ask before you decide which company to hire.   What Experience Do They Have? You wouldn’t hire an employee without looking at his or her resume, so don’t hire a painting company without finding out their background. Ask what kind of experience they have and how long they have been doing this. Don’t be afraid to ask for references and make a few calls. Check out some online reviews, and do a little research before you hire them.   Are They Licensed and Insured? If the answer...Young Painter
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