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6 Reasons Why You Should Repair Wood Rot Before Painting

When it comes to your residential or commercial building, a quality paint job and structurally sound substrate is essential. In order to best preserve your home or building’s structural integrity, it’s important to identify and repair any sign of wood rot before painting. Check out these six reasons why repairing wood rot before painting is necessary for your building. Painting over wood rot won’t always mask the visible damage. Without proper wood rot repair, your home or building can look dingy and unkempt and can greatly reduce the curb appeal of your property.Just because you painted over a rotten piece of wood doesn't mean that you cured the rot. In fact, some areas might still be decomposing or have deeper damage because it absorbed water before you got to it. There can be internal damage which...wood rot on wood beam
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3 Tips for Choosing the Right Paint Color for Your Commercial Building's Exterior

When it's time to paint the exterior of your commercial building, choosing the right paint color is an important decision. Not only do you want to ensure that you choose the right paint color for you and your employees, it’s also important to choose colors that benefit your business. Check out these tips to consider when it’s time to repaint your commercial building. 1. Appeal to Your Target Audience When you're repainting the exterior of your commercial building, it's beneficial to choose a color or color scheme that appeals to your primary customers and target demographic. People find different colors more appealing based on their age. While younger generations are attracted to bolder colors, older generations find muted and neutral colors more appealing. 2. Make Signage Pop Whether it's your logo or a special event sign,...commercial building newly painted by professional exterior painters
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Interior Painting Design Trends: Color Blocking

Color blocking is a trend that has become very popular in the interior design world. While the concept of painting walls or surfaces in different blocks of color is straightforward, there are many styles of color blocking to consider. Bold Hues One of the most popular color blocking styles involves using bold hues on different walls of a room. Think yellow, orange, cherry red, lime, or fuchsia. Not for the traditional home design lover, color blocking with bold hues is an outstanding way to highlight a small space and express a design aesthetic that is innovative and daringly creative. Before choosing this style, consider whether you can make your existing decor blend well with walls of bold statement. If your decor is already unique, boho, artsy, eclectic, and colorful, bold hue color blocking will likely work...color blocking interior design style used for home interior
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4 Fall Painting Tips to Expertly Paint Your Home

If your house is ready for a new coat of paint this fall, paying close attention to the weather can help you get the most out of your investment. Cool temperatures, strong wind, and other elements of typical fall weather can keep your paint from curing properly, looking its best, and lasting as long as possible. Here are some of the most important things to consider when planning your fall exterior painting project! 1. Paint During Optimal Hours Cooler weather and fewer hours of daylight mean that your ideal window to paint is relatively small. You should plan to paint between approximately 10am and 3pm during the fall months and paying close attention to the forecast can help you choose the best time to work within this range. By beginning on the sunny side of your...home exterior newly repainted by professional painters during autumn
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The Impact of Proper Drywall Repair on Paint

Painting a wall isn't as simple as slapping on a coat of paint and hoping for the best. Instead, it is important to take a close look at your drywall to make sure it is clean and in good repair before painting in order to get the best possible results. The condition of your drywall has a direct impact on the quality of your finished project. Importance of Proper Drywall Repair Ensuring that your drywall is in good repair before starting to paint is necessary for your paint job to look its best and function properly. Whether you're painting the interior of a residential or commercial building, your drywall won't always be ready to be painted as soon as it is installed. Taking the time to make small adjustments to your drywall, such as filling holes...professional painter repairing damaged drywall to prepare for painting
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