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Why it’s Critical that Your Painting Contractor Has Carpenters on Staff

Apart from aesthetics, there are several other aspects of painting that any home or commercial building owner wants to achieve. The result should be not only be beautiful but also perfectly safe and long-lasting. While professional painters can successfully achieve an attractive interior or exterior, ensuring your painting contractor has carpenters on staff to ensure a safe and durable structure is essential. Discover why hiring both painting and carpentry contractors is critical to achieving the home or building of your dreams. Drywall Repair and Replacement In order for paint to adhere properly, it’s important to ensure the drywall beneath is in good condition. Painting contractors with carpenters on staff will expertly repair or replace any damaged drywall to achieve a smooth, uniform, and long-lasting paint finish. Wood Rot Repair The results of painting over rotten wood...painting contractor with carpenters on staff
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Preparing Your Commercial Building for Exterior Painting

Update your commercial building to maintain your property and improve your curb appeal. Fresh paint protects siding from weather-related damage and prevents a worn-out, faded facade. Find out how you can make the process fast and effective by following these preparation tips. Choose a Color If your business has a strong branding and thematic color scheme, it’s easy to settle on the ideal shade and tone of exterior paint. For many businesses; however, this step can be a difficult decision. Ask your painting contractor about popular exterior colors that communicate the feelings you want associated with your brand. Invest in quality paint that won’t fade quickly to save money on long-term maintenance. Clean and Patch the Exterior Paint brings out the best, and worst, in your building’s exterior. It makes a smooth, flawless wall look stunning,...warehouse commercial painting for overland park ks
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3 Essential Items of Business When Hiring a Commercial Painting Contractor

As you look for contractors to paint your commercial building, there are some things you should keep in mind. Before you settle on the final job, be sure to take care of these three things. 1. Create a Statement of Work Before you speak with the contractor, create a full statement of work that outlines everything you expect to happen and when. This might include which area you want to have painted, what type of preparation you expect to happen, the finish you want on your surface, any restrictions or special considerations, and a requested deadline. If there are certain aspects you don’t have all the information on, that’s okay, just include the basic idea and discuss the details with your contractor. 2. Discuss the Costs Before you hire a painting contractor, show them your statement...maintenance painting home slideshow
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How To Plan Your Office Remodel

Remodeling an office is a great way to improve employee productivity and wellbeing. Create a compelling brand and a great place to work by continuing to update your office space and provide your employees with a calm, inspirational interior design. Whether you’re altering the entire design of your building or just updating the interior paint, find out how to get started with your office remodeling project today. Discuss Your Dreams With a Designer It takes a professional designer to pull off a successful remodel. It can be very difficult to choose the ideal paint color for the interior of your office. Do you have blue to encourage calm thinking or red to boost productivity and energy levels? What shade best matches your carpet or branding? These questions are best handled by a professional. Don’t attempt photos
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How the Right Color Can Improve Morale In the Workplace

As a business owner, you want your employees motivated to do more and be better. When morale is low, productivity is often low as well. What can you do to improve both? A new coat of paint might just do the trick. Consider the workplace benefits of the following color options. Red The color red is one that promotes labor, power, strength, and energy. If your workplace is high-energy, red could be the right color for your warehouse or office. Red is intense and will raise your blood pressure, so if you need your employees to get that little spark behind them, a bright shade of red might help. It could also help in a quieter office setting where people tend to doze off or lag a little. The red could wake them up and get...interior office painters
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