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4 Reasons to Repaint Your Warehouse

A lot of warehouses are constructed with raw materials, and they tend to stay that way. If you have employees working in your warehouse on a regular basis, you want them to enjoy their workspace. Giving the warehouse a new coat of paint is just one way to improve the area you and your employees work in. The following are four reasons to give it a go. Motivation Did you know there are certain colors you can surround your warehouse with that will promote motivation and hard work? Red, for example, is a stimulating color. It raises your pulse as it gets your heart pumping. Yellow energizes and is the color of optimism and mental clarity. If your warehouse is a stressful environment, certain blues and greens are calming. Safety You can promote safety in the...warehouse project gallery
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4 Tips for Flawlessly Painting Trim

It's no secret that a well-kept building or home is more inviting than one that needs some work, even when it's minor. A building's trim is easily overlooked, but when you think about it, it's essentially the frame to the picture and actually rather important. Likewise, interior trim doesn't get much thought but is just as important. Paint on your home’s trim can chip, crack, and become faded, making the entire area appear run down. Thankfully, a couple of coats of fresh paint have an amazing way of making everything look brand new. It may sound intimidating to repaint trim, but it can easily be done following these knowledgeable tips. 1. How Often Should Trim be Repainted? Exterior wood trim generally needs to be repainted every 5-7 years and aluminum (take out) should be touched up...professional painter painting trim in house
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Repair Wood Rot Before the Painting Process

You may have decided that your home is in need of a fresh paint job, but what happens when you discover rotting wood upon closer examination? Wood rot can lead to structural problems like deterioration of beams and posts, the floor, or other areas hidden from view. It is essential to understand what causes wood to rot to prevent it from happening. What is Wood Rot? Wood is a common building material, so wood rot is quite a prevalent issue. It is a form of decay set off by moisture and fungi. Continuously damp, unprotected wood surfaces are easily susceptible. Places Where Rotting Wood is Most Common Windows - A poorly sealed window could result in the rain soaking the wood beneath the window. Older windows are at higher risk because moisture or rain can wood subjected to the elements causing wood rot
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How the Right Color Can Improve Morale In the Workplace

As a business owner, you want your employees motivated to do more and be better. When morale is low, productivity is often low as well. What can you do to improve both? A new coat of paint might just do the trick. Consider the workplace benefits of the following color options. Red The color red is one that promotes labor, power, strength, and energy. If your workplace is high-energy, red could be the right color for your warehouse or office. Red is intense and will raise your blood pressure, so if you need your employees to get that little spark behind them, a bright shade of red might help. It could also help in a quieter office setting where people tend to doze off or lag a little. The red could wake them up and get...interior office painters
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The Difference Between Interior and Exterior Paint

Interior and exterior paint are not interchangeable. Each one is formulated for its specific application. For example, since the pigment in many interior paints isn't suitable for outdoor use, using those paints on an exterior surface would cause the color to fade quickly. Interior vs. Exterior Paint Other differences between interior and exterior paint involve more than aesthetics. Additives in exterior paint enable it to withstand exposure to the elements. Interior paint doesn't have those additives. However, interior paint does have binders to resist abrasion. Several years ago, concerns about the impact of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) on indoor air quality brought low VOC interior paint to the marketplace. These days there are many low VOC and even no VOC interior paint options. While paint manufacturers have begun to offer low VOC exterior paint, the VOC...professional painter using exterior paint to paint exterior of building
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