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Preparing to Paint in Winter

For homeowners planning to take on a painting project this winter, either indoor or outdoor, special considerations must be made before moving forward with the painting. A winter paint job requires more preparations and proper procedures. Cold weather is drier than warmer weather and cripples the drying process of a standard paint job. If you expect worsening conditions such as ice, sleet, or snow, the drying process of the will stall, and the paint will remain wet. If it is necessary to paint in the cold winter weather, shoot for a sunny day, especially for exterior surfaces, and consider these other painting factors.  Priming Any area you intend to paint should be primed first unless the primer is mixed in with the paint. The primer is essential to ensure that the new paint will stick and bond...two-story home with flat roof in evening during wintertime
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Top 5 Painting Safety Trends

Safety should be your first priority on the job. Whether you’re managing a large corporation or working as a contractor on your own, it’s important to follow safety procedures, particularly when working in a commercial area. Here’s the top five painting safety tips to keep you and your team safe while painting. Roof Safety Many commercial painters need to paint a variety of surfaces, including roofs. To paint efficiently and safely, be sure you use the correct safety gear when working on a roof. Regardless of the height of the building, a fall off a roof could be dangerous or even fatal. Protection from Falling Don’t just protect yourself when on a roof. Any tall building or structure commercial painters need to climb can be a liability without the right safety harnesses. Proper Ventilation in Enclosed...Depositphotos 78838330 m 2015
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Extend the Life of Your Walls and Paint After the Job

If you recently completed an interior painting project, congratulations! You worked very hard to improve the look of your home. It's now time to think about strategies that will help you retain that great look for years to come. Follow these tips on how to ensure your interior walls are a source of pride for a long time. Use Quality Paint Granted, your decision to select a certain paint occurred long before you started painting, but hopefully you selected a good quality paint and one that is washable. Using a quality paint for your interior walls and especially one that is washable, will go a long way to helping you remove the dirty fingerprints, scuffs, and other marks that invariably make their way to your walls. Keep a Maintenance Routine Considering all the hard work you...indoor lounge chair with coffee table and plants against pink-painted wall
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Boost Your Brand Through Paint Design

Colors play a critical role in brand development. Most businesses feature certain colors in logos, location design, and other branded materials. Whether you already associate certain shades with your business or are starting a new business, exterior and interior paint design amplify the influence of any brand.   Colors and Brands  Envision your favorite brands or businesses. You may be able to see the characteristic colors in the logo or on location. A business that does not feature key colors in paint design is missing out on a major method for reinforcing the significance of its brand. Paint Design and Branding If you already have a branded color scheme, commercial painters help you find the best ways to feature these shades in building paint design. If you are starting a new business, choose colors that represent...Depositphotos 62600273 l 2015
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Removing Stains from Painted Interior Rooms

Many homeowners want to protect the money and time they invest into painting their interior rooms. Besides wanting their home to look clean and appealing, having well-maintained interior rooms can help impress potential buyers, if the homeowner decides to put their home up for sale later. Homeowners can utilize easy cleaning methods for an interior paint project to keep it in tip-top shape. Paint Selection Some homeowners find it tempting to choose a lower quality paint for an interior painting project to save money. However, lower quality paints often do not provide easy clean features. Before purchasing paint for an interior room, whether the paint is for the walls, the doors, or trim, make sure the paint is washable. Selecting a good quality paint that allows for the cleaning of surface stains with simple soap living room with sofas and coffee table on wooden floor with fireplace in corner and ceiling fan
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