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What Color Should I Paint My Bedroom?

Painting your bedroom is an excellent way to create a restful atmosphere that will serve as a retreat from the hassles of the day. If you’re thinking about painting your bedroom, keep these three tips in mind while you decide which colors are best for your space.Choosing a color for relaxation:Typically, mild colors such as blue and lavender will create a sense of peace in a bedroom. Another relaxing choice is to design a nature-inspired color palate based on neutral greens, browns, and tans. This will create a soothing atmosphere that has just a hint of vibrancy.Choosing a color for a sense of space:If you have a small bedroom, you’ll be happy to know that choosing a light color scheme can help your space look larger. Light colors such as off-white, light blue, and mild peach...What Color Should I Paint My Bedroom
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How to Properly Maintain Your Deck

Your deck is an investment, and most likely you want to be able to enjoy it for years to come. However, without proper maintenance, decks can begin to show wear and tear very quickly.If you want to keep your deck looking beautiful for as long as possible, try following these simple tips for properly maintaining your deck:Paint Your Deck with Stain and SealantIf your deck is made of wood, then it will require more maintenance than decks that are constructed from composite material. Even treated wood can become susceptible to damage, especially with regard to water damage. One of the best ways to prolong the life of your deck is to invest in a high quality stain and sealant. Doing so will give your deck a rich color, and will seal out any moisture that could...How to Properly Maintain Deck
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Tips for Painting a Creative Workspace

When you decide to paint a creative workspace such as a private studio or a creative office space, you’ll be faced with the question of how to inspire creativity without creating a distraction or limiting imagination. Here are 3 tips for painting a creative workspace:Choose neutral colors that aren’t visually intrusive.If you’re painting a creative space in which visually based projects such as paintings are being produced, then you’ll likely wish to choose a light, neutral wall color. This will help ensure that the artists in the room are able to accurately perceive the colors that they’re working with. On the other hand, if your workspace is creative in a more abstract sense, then feel free to choose colors that are vivid and engaging.To reduce distraction, choose solid colors over patterns.Although it’s tempting to be creative when...Tips for Painting a Creative Workspace
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Four Things to be Aware of when Painting your Own Home

Many people believe painting to be an easy task that anyone can do. Their finished results however tell a different story. When painting, even the smallest details matter, which is why it is important not to take shortcuts. Here are some things to be aware of when painting your own home that will truly make a difference in the way your walls look.1. Clean surfaces firstThis is a step that a lot of people skip, yet is extremely important. Paint cannot adhere properly to dirt, grime, or oil, which means that unless you clean your walls, they are likely to appear patchy.2. Use canvas drop clothsPlastic drop cloths can become bunched up underneath your feet, thereby leaving your floors unprotected. Canvas drop cloths are a better choice because they remain in placer. You also don’t need...Couple Painting Room in Home
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FAQs: Hiring a Professional Painting Contractor

FAQs: Hiring a Professional Painting ContractorOn a daily basis I am constantly meeting building owners, residential homeowners, and new people within the community, and they all seem to have the same question; How do I qualify a “professional” painting contractor from one that is mediocre at best? Below I have provided you with a Q&A with questions I am asked quite frequently. The process of choosing a local painting contractor may seem difficult at first glance, but with these questions for the contractor, you will easily be able to identify the professionals from the frauds!Locating Contractor Process:Q: What is the best way to find local professional painters for my commercial or residential painting project?A: While there are many ways to find contractors these days, there are two processes I recommend to clients.1. Perform a Google search by...Contractor shaking hands
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