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Paint with Stencils to Liven Up a Room

Picking the right look for your home helps if you know all the options available. If you are looking at home magazines and aren't too thrilled with walls of solid color, you will be glad to know that you aren't stuck with blank spaces. You can use stencils smartly to create dynamic patterns to bring vigor to a room. Having a pattern on a wall can provide an exciting accent to any room, and it allows you creative freedom to match your patterned furniture or other décor. Painting with stencils lets you pick a theme for a room, personalize it, and let your inner artist truly express what the world needs to know about your room.Stencils are easy to find; they are in most home improvement stores, so you can buy them when you get the...close-up of white wall painted with repeating leaves stencil
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Sand Surfaces the Right Way

You have decided to tackle the job of refinishing your hardwood floors. Unless your floors are badly warped, bowed, or the wood is splintering, you can likely do the job yourself. Properly planning and having the right equipment at the ready will make the job easier, so be sure you understand and have prepared yourself with the following details.Why Is It Important to Sand Surfaces Before Painting or Staining?Your main reason for refinishing your hardwood floors is that they no longer look nor feel new. Varnish may have worn away, the wood has scuffed, or it’s stained poorly. Sanding the surface before refinishing will remove the old stain, varnish, and dirt, allowing the new stain to adhere better to the wood. It will also help color be uniform throughout. Sanding will also even out any minor...rolls of sand papaer on workshop table
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Choose the Right Painter’s Tape for Your Project

With spring’s arrival, many people are ready to take on new painting projects with the fresh season. When shopping for your supplies, make sure that you also get the correct painter’s tape for the project. Painter’s tape is an important tool that most tend to overlook. It costs more than other types of tape, and many people will forgo it, buying masking tape to offset costs. Even though masking tape is cheaper and is used on many other projects, it does not work well on painting projects. Masking tape will make your project more difficult in the following ways:Paint will stick to the surface of masking tape, which will lead to the paint peeling when you remove the tape.If you are using an oil-based paint, masking tape will deteriorate quicker, causing paint to seep through.Water-based applying blue painter's tape to wall
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5 Safety Tips for Indoor Painting

It is time to start that painting project. You’ve purchased brushes, paint, rollers, and more, and everything is almost ready to start. Have you taken all the necessary safety precautions? Painting safety is not something a lot of people dwell on but should seriously consider if undertaking a DIY painting project. Consider if you have all the equipment needed, if there’s adequate ventilation available in the room to be painted, and how to properly clean and dispose of materials when the job is done. Follow these safety tips to ensure the project will be a safe one.Ensure Adequate Ventilation Proper ventilation is probably the most important thing to consider if using a solvent-based paint. According to the National Capital Poison Center, exposure to paint fumes from solvent paints can cause dizziness, headaches, and nausea. These problems are...modern bedroom with computer desk and wall decor
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5 Steps to Removing Unwanted Wallpaper

As you frequent different businesses or visit your family and friend’s homes, there’s one thing you can almost always count on, you will see some type of wallpaper or wall covering on a wall! Wallpaper is an interior wall finish that is found predominately in high traffic areas in commercial spaces such as office building corridors, hospitals, hotels, banks as well as residential spaces like our homes. In the late 1900s wallpaper grew immensely popular due to the creative designs it came in, its durability, and how easily it could be cleaned. Now you may be asking yourself, those all sound great, so why would I want to remove my wallpaper?Wall paper is removed for many reasons. As a commercial painting contractor, we find many of our clients are removing the wallpaper, predominately because of mold...Wallpaper Removal
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