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DIY vs. Hiring a Professional Painting Company

The do-it-yourself movement has taken over, and it is tempting to consider tackling your home improvement project in an effort to save money. However, it is important to carefully weigh your options to determine if hiring a professional may help you come out ahead. As you plan your next house painting project, keep the following factors mind. How Much Time is Available While painting one interior room or a single exterior door is a fairly simple weekend project, painting an entire house can be too much to tackle single-handedly. Spend a few minutes assessing the areas of your home that need fresh paint, and consider a professional if it requires multiple rooms or the entire exterior. Cost of Supplies Many homeowners falsely assume that a DIY project always leads to savings. Unfortunately, paint, rollers, sprayers, tarps and vs professional
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Simplify Your Next Paint Project With These Handy Products

Let's face it, painting can be a daunting task. Getting just the right shade is stressful enough, not to mention the act of actually doing the painting. If you're not careful, you'll end up burnt out before you even get started. However, if you have these helpful products on hand, you're setting yourself up for success!1. Brushes and RollersThis seems like a no-brainer. Of course you need brushes and rollers. But not having the correct type (or quality) that you need for your project is a common mistake. Naps are the technical word for roller covers, and although there are many to choose from, not all are created equal. A high-capacity roller cover will hold more paint and drip less, so keep that in mind. Check out our helpful guide to learn more about how to...painting tools and supplies to make interior painting project easier
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Refresh Your Old Tile with a New Coat of Paint

Styles become outdated and materials wear out, but old tile doesn't need to keep dragging your space down. Use a coat of paint to quickly refresh aged tile design.Painting offers a practical way to reinvigorate older finishes. Removing tile can be time-consuming, messy, and frustrating. Instead, use a few coats of paint to liven the accents in your kitchen area with a new color, or sync up your bathroom borders after a new renovation, while only taking your room out of commission for a few hours.Proper Preparation is ImportantThough the process is straight-forward, you will still want to proceed with care. Be mindful of areas that are exposed to a lot water. Spots that receive frequent exposure to moisture, like a sink backsplash or shower, can cause the paint to peel and blister. Constant traffic, like...freshly painted tile in kitchen interior
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Effectively Paint Corners and Edges

Paint rollers are great and allow painters to cover a lot of surface area, but they are not very effective for all the detail work required in almost every painting project. Fortunately, there are some tools and techniques that can make painting tricky edges and corners noticeably easier.Protection FirstYou know what surface you want to paint, but there are probably plenty of nearby surfaces you want to avoid painting. Always protect adjacent surfaces you don't want to paint with drop cloths and/or painter's tape. For example, FrogTape can keep the paint bleeding that sometimes occurs even with traditional blue painter's tape. It's also a good idea to have a clean, damp rag or paper towel nearby to immediately wipe up unwanted splatters and drips.Corners There's just no other way around it; you need to use a paintbrush...corner of room with door and baseboard trim
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Remove and Deter Mildew Growth from Exterior Surfaces

People who live in warm and humid climates are always looking for ways to eliminate mold and mildew. They usually resort to covering it up, applying a fresh coat of paint to their homes and commercial buildings to rid themselves of their mildew problems, only to find that their efforts were in vain. It is important to understand that applying a coat or coats of paint to exterior surfaces will not solve their problems. Paint alone does not have any properties to eradicate the growth of mold spores, nor will paint keep spores from spreading. However, here are some things you can do to help eliminate mildew growth on exterior surfaces.Bleach It OutTo kill mildew and growth on exterior surfaces that have been painted, use a TSP cleaner or bleach-based solution to treat the affected areas....mildewed wood
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