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5 Reasons to Repaint Your Business Interior – Part 1

Even in the mobile and digital age of business, office decor is still emphasized in any brick-and-mortar business location. Whether you're in a towering office building or in your own little shop, employees and customers pay attention to the look and feel of your workplace, judging businesses on what they see. But before you start ordering expensive light fixtures and pieces of art, take a real look around your office. There may not be anything wrong with your interior design, but rather a glaring (and glaringly white and bland), affordable transformation your office could use that would help immensely.Paint isn't like artwork, light fixtures, or ergonomic desks. The aesthetic appeal of the result relies more on strategic color choice and the skill of the painter than on how much you spent. A touch of paint can...modern office kitchen with cool accents and aesthetics and wooden table
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Prevent Mildew from Surfaces to Avoid Growing Disaster

Spring has arrived and with it also several months of rain. While that heavy rainfall is good for grass and vegetation, it can also make your exterior surfaces magnets for mildew. Mildew seems like a small problem. At first it may be nothing more than a few unsightly spots. Eventually it can become a major issue that can lead to health problems for you and your loved ones, like respiratory difficulties, headaches, fatigue, and possibly mood changes. Mildew can also damage your landscaping, as well as any previous paint jobs, causing paint to lose its adhesiveness. While there are many ways to eliminate mildew, the best is always prevention.So how do you prevent mildew from forming on your exterior surfaces? To properly answer that question, you need to have a firm understanding of what causes mildew...spotty mildew stains on wall
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Match Your Building Paint to Your Business's Brand

Your building front is one of the very first impressions a customer will see of your business. You were often told not to judge a book by its cover, but in reality, it happens all the time for businesses! Popular food chains and stores have already perfected the look of their building front, making them noticeable and memorable.What you may not realize is that building paint and color has a lot to do with brand and perception of the company. For restaurants, yellow on red design correspond with appetite and happiness. Other brilliant colors, like bright orange, show excitement and creativity. Colors send subliminal messages to potential and existing customers, and you’ll want to send the right one with your business building and paint color.The key to a good color choice is understanding your company's selling...small-town shop with balcony painted light blue with darker blue accent with clear blue skies
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Differing Preparation Procedures for Different Substrate Materials

There are many variables to consider when thinking about painting a commercial building. Preparation of the space is by far the most important aspect. How the area is prepared will determine the success and, ultimately, the life of the paint job. However, not all surfaces can be prepared using the same technique, as one preparation for one type of surface could actually cause damage to another. For example, metal and wood require completely different methods. Be sure to know how to properly prepare the surfaces before starting your project.Preparing Wooden AreasOne of the first things a professional painter does is perform a test in an inconspicuous area, where the paint is worn. They clean the surface with soap and water, and then rinse the area well. They allow plenty of time for the area to dry...white commercial building with clear skies
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Do Your Building Expansion Joints Need Re-Caulking?

If you are like most people, you may have neglected considerations on your building's expansion joints. Expansion joints are an essential part of the frame of your building. They are located where two pieces of concrete meet and allow your building to "move" by expanding and contracting, depending on the varying temperatures and pressures of the seasons. Expansion joints help your building withstand different weather patterns throughout the year, resisting damages to slabs or concrete elevations. This makes them a critical component in the life of your building. There are vertical expansion joints on the outside of buildings, and there are also horizontal expansion joints inside buildings in the floor, so they don’t crack out. Properly maintaining them involves having your joints re-caulked routinely to make sure your building does not fall victim to the weather....cracked floor joint
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