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Why Your Commercial Building Needs a Roof Coating Today

The natural wear and tear which comes with time can eat away at the roof of your commercial property. Before you know it, your building is springing leaks whenever it rains and suffering structural damage as a result. Applying a silicone roof coating to your commercial space provides a new, added layer of protection. You’ll fend off further damage, saving you the costly effort of repairing major damages. If you’re considering getting work done on your roof, here are a few great reasons to opt for roof coating restoration.Waterproof SealOnce applied, the silicon coating creates a single protective layer over your entire roof. This makes the protection entirely waterproof, with no cracks or seams for water to slip through. Waterproofing your roof is an essential part of protecting your commercial building from future damage.Save Big By...Depositphotos 12299150 m 2015
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Protect and Restore with a Silicone Roof Coating

Applying a silicone coating to your residential or commercial roof will protect it and extend its life. The coating is most suitable for flat or low-sloped roofs and can be applied to almost all traditional roofing substrates. The elastic properties of silicone molecules allow the coating to flex with different pressures and varying severe weather. The coating consists of a high solids chemical mixture that is thinned out for easy application. The coating is usually applied in a single coat and has many advantages, including high resistance to ultraviolet (UV) rays, water resistance, and built-in elasticity. Silicone roof coatings are an investment to your existing roof that in many cases, create extreme value down the road as it’s a tremendous way to prolong the life of your existing roof.ProtectionThe silicone roof coating is highly reflective and, therefore,...atop commercial building flat rooftop
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Choose the Best Paint for Your Company's Conference Room

Your company's conference room hosts internal employees and external clients, so it needs to be in pristine shape and be representative of your business lifestyle and goals. If your conference room is a little drab and needs a new paint job, follow these tips to ensure it doesn't become a disastrous, time-consuming chore.The first thing to consider before painting your conference room is the type of paint you use. For interior spaces, choose an acrylic-latex or water-based acrylic alkyd hybrid. These are low odor options and contain lower levels of volatile organic compounds (VOCs).  The next thing to consider is what color you want your conference room to be. Paint the room green to promote efficiency and focus. A soothing yellow sparks innovation and supports creative thinking. Purple encourages creativity and is likely to impress your clients,...3 women at conference room table
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3 Reasons to Paint Your Warehouse

Successful companies understand the importance of impressing their business partners and clients. The better the impression companies leave, the more likely it is that partners and clients would be willing to do business. You have probably worked diligently to ensure that every room a potential customer sees looks its best, but what about your warehouse? When it comes to aesthetics, warehouses usually get the short end of the stick. After all, a warehouse's primary function is to store your materials and products, so why should it get any special treatment? Here are a few reasons to consider painting or repainting that long-neglected warehouse.Take care of what you ownThe simplest reason to paint your warehouse is that painting is a part of the necessary maintenance that is required from time to time. Forklifts may ding and crack...empty warehouse interior
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Boost Your Brand Through Paint Design

Colors play a critical role in brand development. Most businesses feature certain colors in logos, location design, and other branded materials. Whether you already associate certain shades with your business or are starting a new business, exterior and interior paint design amplify the influence of any brand. Colors and Brands Envision your favorite brands or businesses. You may be able to see the characteristic colors in the logo or on location. A business that does not feature key colors in paint design is missing out on a major method for reinforcing the significance of its brand.Paint Design and BrandingIf you already have a branded color scheme, commercial painters help you find the best ways to feature these shades in building paint design. If you are starting a new business, choose colors that represent your enterprise.Red powerfully stimulates the...Depositphotos 62600273 l 2015
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