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How Feng Shui and Paint Color Affect Your Workplace

Your surroundings at work can affect your productivity. If you've ever suffered through sitting in a wobbly chair or squinted in poor lighting, then you know a good environment is important. The colors at your business are part of your surroundings and can make a difference in your comfort, perception, and mood. They also affect your customers too! Improve your business surroundings using the principles of feng shui colors for business.What Do Feng Shui Colors Mean for Your Business?Feng shui colors represent and promote different things for a space. When choosing to paint an office room, consider a couple questions. What services does your business provide? What ideals do you want to convey?Red gives the vibe of energy, passion, love, and prosperity. It corresponds to the fire element.Orange represents activity, cheerfulness, vibrancy, and being social. It...organized blue office room
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How to Identify Signs of a Bad Paint Job

There are many things to consider when deciding to hire a painting contractor. It is important to look for a professional who will guarantee you have the highest quality work completed. One of the best ways to ensure you get the look you want is to know what to look for in your paint job. There are many warning signs of a bad paint job that a property owner should identify.Lack of PrimerA good painting company will ensure that they use primer on your interior walls prior to painting. Primer guarantees greater longevity of your paint. It enhances the color and helps with a smooth application and finish.No Second CoatSkipping the second coat of paint is another sign of a poor paint job. A company that excludes this step is looking to cut corners. This will...Depositphotos 6572217 m 2015
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4 Considerations Before Painting Your Grocery Store

Trying to figure out if it would be a smart decision to paint the exterior or interior of your grocery store? It can be a tough decision to make, especially if your business operates out of a large location. Not only do you have to think about blocking off specific areas of your store during regular hours, but also painting costs could add up to cover all that square footage.However, repainting your grocery store could present a slew of opportunities for your business. It could actually be a rewarding return on investment. Before you dive in, consider these four questions of your business and building.Are the colors outdated?If your grocery store hasn't been painted in years, chances are the color scheme is old. Trends change very quickly. Even though you might still like the way store aisle of snack foods
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3 Color Schemes for Your Office

Many people spend days picking out color palettes for their homes, but they don't necessarily think about the colors of the walls in their offices. It makes sense, however, to give attention to the walls in the place you spend the majority of your waking hours. Color affects mood and productivity, so you want to choose a scheme that reflects the energy and ambiance you wish to create. Here are 3 potential color schemes to easily match the mood of your office.VersatileMany businesses paint their interiors in neutral colors, and this isn't just the default. Neutral shades allow versatility to your office design. Think beyond basic white, though. A light cream achieves the same brightness with a softer tone. A nice gray looks professional and provides a lovely backdrop to help any pop of color in...Depositphotos 18970321 l 2015
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Minimize Energy Loss in Your Commercial Building

Drafty BuildingsIf your building is starting to show signs of age, is feeling drafty, and your utilities seem to be at an all-time high, chances are it may be time to take a closer look at some of the causes and solutions.Aging buildings settle, creating cracks and openings that allow heating or cooling to escape. Other areas that start showing age are windows and doors, where caulking has dried, cracked, and fallen out, no longer providing a proper seal. Additionally, doors may not close properly or "hang up" when closing, as the building shifts, allowing drafts and running up your utility costs. Left unattended, these cracks can develop into gaps as the wood dries out or masonry disintegrates, inviting insects and becoming mold growth-friendly. This will lead to other problems such as mildew in the walls...high-rise apartment buildings
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