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Why You Should Maintain Your Commercial Building's Paint

As an owner of a commercial property, keeping your building’s paint properly maintained is very important. Without proper maintenance, paint can start to peel away, leaving the wood bare and susceptible to rain, weather, and insect damage. This can cause the wood to rot and, in turn, endanger the structural integrity of your building. Your building will no longer be safe for you, your employees, or your customers, and that's extremely bad for business.The constant seasonal change of temperature and moisture build-up, especially in spring and summer, also creates a conducive recipe for mold. Mold and mildew will slowly eat away your wood and could cause stairways, beams, and building structure to collapse. Keeping the structural integrity of your commercial building is vital for your business.How Often Should Your Buildings' Paint Be Maintained?Your commercial building should...freshly painted commercial building
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Determine If Your Roof is a Candidate for Silicone Roof Coatings

The roof of your commercial building is just as important as the foundation. Without a sturdy roof, your building will deteriorate over time, and the cost of repairing your roof or replacing it will be astronomically expensive. Silicone roof coatings can benefit your roof and protect your investment.What Are the Benefits of Silicone Roof Coating?Save TimeSilicone roof coatings contain higher solids than other roof coatings, including acrylic, butyl, and polyurethane. With higher solids, silicone roof coating can save a lot of time because less time is spent on the roof applying the coating. Silicone is thick and only one coat is needed to get the job done without any compromises. Additionally, even a power washer can be used to apply silicone coating to your roof.Save MoneyUsing silicone roof coatings help you save money on materials because...commercial building with silicone roof coating
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Drones and the Painting Industry

Drones, defined as "unmanned aircraft or ship guided by remote control or onboard computers," are becoming more than just high-tech toys. Armed with high-definition cameras and other tools, they are being used in industries from real estate to agriculture. For commercial painters, drones are a potentially useful tool that could survey painting sites, protect worker safety, and even perform painting tasks.The Current State of Painting DronesDisney Research has developed the PaintCopter, a painting drone that uses 3D mapping to accurately apply paint. Apellix's Worker Bee is a similar project, an autonomous painting and cleaning drone born out of a homeowner's frustration with the difficulties of painting his house. Both the Worker Bee and the PaintCopter are still in development.The drones currently on the market are used for surveying sites before and after painting to assess paint...flying painting drone
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Why You Should Paint Your Warehouse Ceiling Today

One of the biggest painting projects that should be tackled routinely is warehouse painting. Many may find this to be an unnecessary job, as these buildings are not highlighting quality décor and are often storing unsightly heavy equipment and machines. However, these ceilings should be painted for structure preservation and lighting.Warehouse Ceilings Should Be PaintedThe ceiling of the warehouse is a critical part of the structure. The paint on the ceiling acts as a seal, preventing the interior of the warehouse from environmental damages. For example, warehouses that reach high temperatures from equipment and machines should paint their ceiling to protect it from the heat. Warehouse ceilings are usually several feet higher than the average ceiling, making them prone to take the biggest effect from the heat as it rises.Lighting is also a concern with a...pallets stacked in warehouse
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Why Spring Is a Good Time for Commercial Joint Caulking

Is your commercial building in Kansas City in need of new joint caulking? Perhaps you’ve noticed the previous caulking peeling away or it wasn’t done correctly, to begin with. As spring rolls in, now is the perfect time to get your commercial joint caulking done, but why?Nice WeatherThe nicer weather of spring immediately following a drab winter is a good time to get a variety of maintenance projects done. This includes joint caulking. You can finally see what the exterior of your building looks like with the sun shining on it, might have found a few leaky joints as the snow was melting and can now hire the professionals to fix it up.Spring CleaningSpring cleaning is when you tidy and clean up the mess left by winter. Sometimes your caulking becomes brittle and cracked after a...Caulking1
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