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Vice President of Sales at Major Painting

Before joining Major Painting, Chase attended the University of Missouri-Columbia and studied Business Finance with and emphasis in Commercial Real Estate and also earned a minor in Entrepreneurship. After graduating from MU, Chase joined the family business, Major Painting, which specializes in Commercial Repaints and Maintenance Coatings for Property Managers, Facility Managers, and Local Building Owners in the Greater Kansas City Metro. Chase currently serves as director for the Painting and Decorating Contractors of American - Commercial Forum and is involved in and serves on the board of many local business organizations such as the Institute of Real Estate Managers (IREM), Building Owners and Managers Associations (BOMA), and the Helzberg Entrepreneurial Mentorship Program.

Ceiling Painting Tips for Your Home or Business

When painting the interior of your home or business, it’s easy to overlook the ceiling when picking out your preferred color(s) and just paint it/keep it white. However, your ceilings can be an important part of your room’s aesthetic and simply slapping on a coat of white paint can be a missed opportunity to make a positive impression. To achieve your desired look, first decide if you want to fool the eye into believing the room is smaller and cozier or if you want to give the impression of a larger space.Ceiling Paint for Larger RoomsIf your home or office has large rooms with high ceilings, your flooring and furnishings might take up less than half of the room. The remaining space can feel bare, cold, and off-balance; not exactly a welcoming feeling for your guests...freshly painted ceiling to give room a larger appearance
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3 Tips For Preparing For Commercial Painting Services

A new coat of paint is perfect for updating a space and keeping it looking clean and fresh. When hiring professional painters to rejuvenate the look of your commercial building, it is important that you are well prepared for the commercial painters before they arrive. This makes the process much smoother, both for you and for the painting service.1. Make Sure Your Building Is Up-To-CodeBefore you have the painters come and paint your commercial building, it is important that you make sure your building is up-to-code and everything is functioning as it should in terms of electricity, plumbing, etc. The last thing that you want is having someone come in and do repair work and cause damage to your freshly painted walls. Thankfully, doing this beforehand can save you both time and money.2. Let Your Employees...professional painters preparing to paint office in commercial building
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Painting With Your Brand in Mind

A lean and efficient business is one that may stand the test of time. However, when businesses cut too many corners, they may soon begin to cross that line between cost-efficient and cheap. One of the projects companies should never skimp on is the commercial painting of the exterior or interior of their building. The colors and overall appearance may either strengthen or weaken branding. Which outcome would you prefer? Here are some tips to get the most value for your money.Stick to Brand ColorsWhen property managers recognize that they need to repaint their buildings, one tactic they use to keep the cost down is to purchase whatever is on sale in bulk. Not only is this paint color sometimes an ugly, hard-to-sell shade, but the type of paint may not work with the type of...Cinemark
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Simplify Your Next Paint Project With These Handy Products

Let's face it, painting can be a daunting task. Getting just the right shade is stressful enough, not to mention the act of actually doing the painting. If you're not careful, you'll end up burnt out before you even get started. However, if you have these helpful products on hand, you're setting yourself up for success!1. Brushes and RollersThis seems like a no-brainer. Of course you need brushes and rollers. But not having the correct type (or quality) that you need for your project is a common mistake. Naps are the technical word for roller covers, and although there are many to choose from, not all are created equal. A high-capacity roller cover will hold more paint and drip less, so keep that in mind. Check out our helpful guide to learn more about how to...painting tools and supplies to make interior painting project easier
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Office Remodels: 4 Design Trends to Consider

Employees spend a lot of time indoors. For that reason, it can become a challenge to provide motivation. However, investing in a flexible and calming workplace design may prove to be the ideal solution to that concern.As office environments evolve, you may want to familiarize yourself with the art of bringing the outdoors into the office space. Biophilic office designs incorporate natural elements into a workplace and have several positive impacts that culminate in increased productivity, including:Help in reducing the overall stress levels of employeesBoost attention and focus among staff membersImproved workplace moraleBelow are some biophilic office trends you may want to consider when remodeling your office space.1. Living PlantsWhere possible, adding plants present the most convenient way of introducing natural elements into an office. In addition to contributing to aeration, plants also improve concentration and...newly remodeled office space with biophilic designs
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