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Vice President of Sales at Major Painting

Before joining Major Painting, Chase attended the University of Missouri-Columbia and studied Business Finance with and emphasis in Commercial Real Estate and also earned a minor in Entrepreneurship. After graduating from MU, Chase joined the family business, Major Painting, which specializes in Commercial Repaints and Maintenance Coatings for Property Managers, Facility Managers, and Local Building Owners in the Greater Kansas City Metro. Chase currently serves as director for the Painting and Decorating Contractors of American - Commercial Forum and is involved in and serves on the board of many local business organizations such as the Institute of Real Estate Managers (IREM), Building Owners and Managers Associations (BOMA), and the Helzberg Entrepreneurial Mentorship Program.

4 Essential Considerations When Choosing Flooring for Your Office

Choosing the right flooring for your office is just as important as selecting the right furniture, décor, and paint color. Good flooring plays a critical role in helping you create a pleasant visual environment in the office. Discover these five factors that you should consider when choosing the ideal flooring for your office. 1. Maintenance Ease Commercial flooring tends to wear out quicker than domestic floors due to heavier traffic. One of the most common mistakes that commercial property owners make when choosing their flooring is focusing on cost and design while failing to recognize flooring maintenance requirements. When determining the flooring for your office, look out for guidance on cleaning and maintenance from the manufacturer. It is also important to consider the floor material’s long-term value when factoring the upfront cost. 2. Safety Ensuring office flooring installed during office remodel
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4 Benefits of Professional Wallpaper Removal

When it comes to wallpaper, design experts and painting contractors are usually in agreement – removal is best. Not only does wallpaper quickly become outdated, but it can be difficult to maintain and even hide mold and mildew. Wallpaper removal may sound like an easy DIY task, but in fact, it can be a tedious, messy, and time consuming process. In order to save yourself a headache and ensure a fresh, beautiful interior for your commercial building, it is best to leave wallpaper removal to painting professionals. Check out these benefits of professional wallpaper removal services! 1. Minimized Risk of Damage to Walls Without the proper tools and knowledge, it's likely that you could damage your walls while attempting to remove the wallpaper. Incorrect techniques could lead to extensive (and expensive) patching and repair. As trained...professional commercial wallpaper removal services
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4 Interior Painting Tips for Rental Properties

Adding a fresh coat of paint to the interior of your residential property is a cost-effective way to spruce up the place for new tenants. Check out these four painting tips to consider when painting the interior of your rental property so the process goes as smoothly as possible. 1. Avoid Bold Colors Not everyone has the same taste when it comes to interior design. In order to attract tenants from various walks of life, it is best to avoid using bright and bold paint colors when painting your rental property interior. Potential tenants want to see themselves in a new place and a neutral color scheme makes that much easier for them to do. 2. Choose a Durable Paint Finish When you purchase interior paint for your rental property, you can choose from many finish...rental property interior professionally painted
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4 Reasons Why You Should Repaint Your Commercial Building

When it comes to your commercial building, a quality paint job is essential. Current and potential customers tend to perceive the reliability and the seriousness of a business first by the appearance and aesthetic factors. In order to ensure your business serves an excellent first impression, it is important to make sure your building’s exterior and interior paint is up to par. Discover these four reasons why you should consider repainting your commercial building. 1. Increase Foot Traffic Having your building repainted is always a smart move if you want to increase traffic to your business. A clean, well-kept building does wonders in attracting potential customers to your business. 2. Rebrand or Signify Change As your business evolves, so too should your commercial building. When rebranding, repainting your business premises to align with your new logo...newly repainted commercial building
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5 Things to Consider When Remodeling Your Office

An office remodel is an excellent way to reach your desired aesthetic, boost company morale, and create a more efficient work process. When renovating your office space, there are several things to consider to ensure that your vision aligns with the outcome. Check out these five factors to consider when planning your office remodel. 1. What is the Purpose of the Remodel? Is your remodel to increase efficiencies, gain more space for employees or equipment, or to better align your space with your brand? Knowing the purpose of your remodel can help guide its direction and keep your renovation plans on target. 2. What is Your Budget? When considering your budget, you'll want to account for more than the cost of the renovations. Will the remodel mean temporarily outsourcing projects until the remodel is complete? remodel of commercial office building
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